Autism Acceptance and Empathy

Autism Acceptance and Empathy

Happy Autism Acceptance Month!

Promote Neurodiversity!

April has been “Autism Awareness Month” for many years. This long-needed shift to “Autism Acceptance Month” from “Autism Awareness Month” is finally here. Therefore, today we will be talking in favor of Autism Acceptance and Empathy.

Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance and Empathy

Firstly, let’s go back in time. This is before we talk about Autism Acceptance and Empathy.

Autism is seen as an illness. In other words, it needs to be treated or cured. Further, tv ads and organizations look at Autism in a negative way. Furthermore, they say it has to be cured. Additionally, even today professional cons claim Autism is curable.

Similarly, treatments and focus are to make Autistic people fit into the norms of society. A diagnosis of Autism in a family is seen as an issue, a misfortune, and the center of a family crisis.

Why do we have these thoughts about Autistics? Is it because of the vast information online?  Is data only about “Cure and Treatment of Autism”? Or is it we as a society cannot accept a slightly different person?

Are we all victims of wrong information? Are we brainwashed to think this way?

Pause and think!!

Let’s talk about Neurodiversity!

Does your friend or neighbor not thank you when you do nice things? Does your co-worker not get your feelings or does not react when you speak?  In any of these instances, we soon think “oh this person is weird” “he/she is not like the rest of us”. Yes, you judged too quickly!

NeurodiversityWe are all wired in our brains unalike. Every person has a different reaction to things and expresses them in their way. This is Neurodiversity. We as a society need to accept different people and stop setting norms. This norm-setting is what leads to isolation, labeling, and finally divides people.

Autism Acceptance simply means, you accept and understand your Autistic child or partner. Embrace them with open arms. Also, accept them for the way they are. Recognize and listen to what they want to do. Empathize with Autistics and support them in the best way.

What can you do?

  • Teach your Autistic child to self-advocate.
  • Ask them what they want. Do not assume what is right for them.
  • Modify the environment to suit their communication and sensory needs.
  • Support them in what they prefer to do.
  • Build on their strengths and interests.
  • Finally, do not try to change or cure them.

Autistic people wish to live in a world where acceptance is a reality, not a mere goal. We as a community are very far from this reality. We should all aim to accept “Neurodiversity”. This is because diversity is what makes this world beautiful.

Finally, are you thinking, if this is the case? Why do we need these kinds of therapies? The answer to that will be, Yes.

We need Speech therapy, Sensory Integration therapy, Occupational therapy, and Counseling. They will help Autistic people build a good quality of life. These therapies focus on helping them. They do not change or curing them.

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Ayesha Anjum
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  • Bikas Kanti De

    my grandson aged almost 4 years wad diagnosed with asd.

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