Autism Acceptance and Empathy

Autism Acceptance and Empathy

Happy Autism Acceptance Month! Promote Neurodiversity! April has been “Autism Awareness Month” for many years. This long-needed shift to “Autism Acceptance Month” from “Autism Awareness Month” is finally here. Therefore, today we will be talking in favor of Autism Acceptance and Empathy. Autism Acceptance and Empathy Firstly, let’s go back in time. This is before …

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Metro Ride to Raise Autism Awareness

Metro Ride to Raise Autism Awareness 2nd April is celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day throughout the world. The whole idea of celebrating the World Autism Awareness Day lies in creating awareness about people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and helping and accepting them in all possible ways. Celebration wave through the world covers itself in blue, …

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