We are a company founded by a Therapist and run by Educators!

1 in 10 school going children in India face speech and learning related difficulties!

Inclusive Education Scheme ( 2003) and other initiatives by the Govt. of India propose Special Education Needs (SEN) to become an integral part of all schools. 1SpecialPlace’s online therapy services solve the national shortage of professionals and budgetary challenges facing school administrators.

Our Service Quality

All of our services are consistent with the quality of services delivered face-to-face and meet all standards of the RCI  (Rehabilitation Council of India) Code of Ethics governing the practice of professional speech-language pathology.

 Services for Your School

Speech and Language Therapy

Goal based speech and language enhancement for children and adults who have a speech and language delay

Behavioural & Mental Health Counseling

We provide individual counseling, behaviour intervention plan, family centered counseling and counseling support to caregivers and adults

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy help children learn to feed and dress themselves and teach them skills for playing and interacting with other children.

Teacher Training and Workshops

Teacher’s are the first point of contact for any child after parents. They have a deep understanding of their students and can be trained to identify speech and language problems early.

Special Education

Special education is the practice of educating children with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs

Our Process

Your 1SP Clinical Manager works closely with you to customise your service and schedules students for assessment. One-on-One assessments are carried out using standardised tools.
Our Therapist will set measurable and achievable goals for each student.
With access to top therapists from across the nation, each student will receive personalised, dedicated care from a licensed provider.
We provide you access to our team of multidisciplinary professionals. Our therapists each have a clinical co-ordinator to support them in evidence-based best practices. In addition, we also provide teacher training workshops for better therapy outcomes.

Benefits for Your Students

Access to Therapists

Large pool of high-quality speech, occupational and mental health therapists.

Cost Efficient

Saves on travel time which costs schools more, directly or indirectly


Removes gaps in therapy when therapists are sick, on vacation, or move away

Academic Success

Live online therapy helps kids and schools beat the achievement gap


Research has shown that the quality of teletherapy is on par with onsite therapy


Simple technology, easy to implement

Kid Friendly

Computer-based activities are motivating and stimulating for children


We provide a high-resolution, crystal-clear image; best practices following all the general industry standards

Global Acceptance

American Speech & Hearing Association(ASHA) which is one of the biggest organizations in the world endorses Online Speech Therapy or ‘Telepractice’ as its formally known as.

ASHA has supported telepractice since 2005 because of a growing body of research that has demonstrated telepractice to be an effective method of delivery. It has confirmed that telepractice can be consistent with the same quality of services delivered face-to-face.

Other global organizations which endorse Telepractice –

  • Indian Speech and Hearing Association (ISHA)
  • Canadian Association of SpeechLanguage Pathologists and Audiologists (CALSPA)
  • The Federal Council of Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences (CFFa) (Brazil)
  • Association of Speech Language Therapists in Independent Practice (UK)

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