disability news of the month 2024

News of the month for Jan 2024

 News of the month for Jan 2024

Here is the sum up disability news of the Jan 2024. Catch up the intresting and informative news from india.

Finolex Pipes, Fittings, and Mukul Madhav Foundation Partner for Inclusion

LONDON—(WIRE BUSINESS)—The Mukul Madhav Foundation, a CSR partner of Finolex Industries Limited, a prominent leader in the Indian PVC pipes and fittings market, is pleased to announce Title Sponsorship for the upcoming physical disability cricket T20i Trophy 2024. From January 28, 2024, to February 6, 2024, England’s Physically Disabled Cricket Association (EPDCA) will make history in the history of the sport by starting its inaugural tour of India.

DCCI and EPDCA are driving this strategic relationship with a common goal of promoting diversity. The two organizations want to eradicate the stigma associated with disabilities and promote an environment of equity in society by utilizing the power of sports. In light of this, team India will proudly don the jersey kit supported by MMF and Finolex Industries, two organizations who have joined forces to fully support these initiatives.

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SC report exposes severe gaps in accessibility for people with disabilities at courts across India

According to a Centre for Research and Planning research, India’s court facilities lack accessible wheelchairs, have inadequate ramps, and inadequate infrastructure for individuals with disabilities.

According to a new report by the Supreme Court’s Center for Research and Planning, more than half of the nation’s District Court complexes lack ramps, only 25.2% have wheelchair accessibility, and 5.1% have tactile paving to help people with vision impairments navigate the courtroom.

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Ludhiana’s para-athlete is honored for transforming their disability into strength.

Tarun Sharma is preparing for the North American Para Karate Championship after winning the state para karate medal. Tarun Sharma was financially devastated following a paralytic attack when he was six years old, but it also taught him karate and helped him win the state award.

He is a 32-year-old vegetable vendor in Khanna, relies on loans to pay for the costs associated with competing globally.

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Centre launches disability info line to bolster inclusion

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 designated 21 disabilities, and for those who qualify, the central government on Monday introduced the first cloud-based IVRS toll-free disability information line (DIL) services in India. Individuals with disabilities can now get information on topics impacting their daily lives by calling a single toll-free number (1800-222-014).

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CADRRE is accepting short film submissions about experiences and narratives relating to autism.

Films of one to five minutes in length, in any language, that positively examine a variety of narratives and experiences associated to autism are invited to be submitted to the Centre for Autism and other Disabilities Rehabilitation Research and Education (CADRRE) in Thiruvananthapuram.
Since the institution’s goal is to create an inclusive society, inclusiveness should be the main focus.
The CADRRE International Filmlet Festival on Autism (CIFA) will feature screenings of the top submissions.

The top film will take home ₹1,00,000, the second-best film ₹50,000, and the audience-voted most popular film ₹50,000.

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Autism aggression prediction biosensors

Matthew Goodwin, a professor at Northeastern University, recently published a study in JAMA Network Open showing that biosensor data and machine learning can be used to predict aggressive behavior in youth with profound autism with 80% accuracy and three minutes’ notice.

On February 29, 2024, Goodwin, an interdisciplinary professor with Northeastern’s Bouve College of Health Sciences and Khoury College of Computer Sciences, declares, “Three minutes is enough time to do something.”

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IDCA announces maiden T10 Women’s Deaf Premier League in Mumbai

In its first iteration, six specially-abled women’s teams from around the nation will square off on the field to win the prestigious Premier League trophy, according to a statement released on Thursday.
January 5, (ANI) Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: The inaugural T-10 Women’s Deaf Premier League will take place in Mumbai, Maharashtra, from January 8–11 of this year, according to the Indian Deaf Cricket Association (IDCA).
In its first iteration, six specially-abled women’s teams from around the nation will square off on the field to win the prestigious Premier League trophy, according to a statement released on Thursday.

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Classical dancer Methil Devika | Music for the deaf

In Thiruvananthapuram, Indian classical dance experienced a revolutionary moment last month. Exponent of Mohiniyattam Methil Devika began her performance at the Ammaveedu, a traditional center of music and dance, to an enthusiastic audience of people with hearing and speech impairments engrossed in the show in front of them.

However, how did they watch the show? For her “Crossover” performance, Devika combined classical dance’s hasta mudras (hand gestures) with Indian sign language. This was part of her innovative “Dance Philanthropy and Social Inclusion” project. Throughout her remarkable thirty-year career, the dancer has prospered as a performer, scholar, and curator, enthralling art enthusiasts worldwide. However, her current project is particularly important.

“I imagined a dance form I hoped would resonate with the less fortunate during the Covid epidemic, when there was no stage and performances,” explains Devika. The concept of using language to communicate outside the mudra boundaries was revolutionary. The dancer explains, “I learned sign language to connect with their hearts.”

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Barbie movie adds unique accessibility option

The highly anticipated “Barbie” film will provide a new degree of accessibility for those with impairments when it launches on streaming services in the near future. Next week, the movie will make its premiere on Max, and viewers will have the opportunity to watch it with interpretation in American Sign Language.

According to Max, the move is an attempt to elaborate on the movie’s concept. As many people’s first language is ASL, Casey Bloys, chairman and CEO of HBO and Max, said, “By providing sign language interpretation, we will build upon the film’s empowering message of inclusivity and offer a unique viewing experience for the deaf community to enjoy with family and friends.”

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LEGO introduces Braille Bricks for visually impaired children promoting interactive learning

Lego is about to introduce Braille bricks that are specifically made for visually impaired youngsters in an innovative step that aims to promote inclusive and engaging learning. The “Lego Braille Bricks — Play with Braille” set will be available in Italian, French, and English starting on September 1st, with German and Spanish versions to follow in early 2024. The set, which retails for $89.99 USD (about Rs 7,436), includes 287 pieces that fit together perfectly with other Lego goods.

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Mar Galcerán makes history as Spain’s first parliamentarian with Down’s syndrome

She fought for decades to make sure that those who have intellectual disabilities were included in discussions. However, when Mar Galcerán became the first MP with Down syndrome in Spain, it revealed just how far she had come.

The forty-five-year-old told the Guardian, “It’s unprecedented.” The world is beginning to realize how much value those with Down syndrome have to offer. But the journey is quite distant. It has taken her decades to do this. Galcerán joined the conservative People’s Party (PP) at the age of eighteen, drawn to its, in her words, “love of tradition.

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