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💫Here's a sneak peek into our Sport Day activities. You get to see it first, what do you think? . 🌸Screenshot from a few of our online sessions. .

Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by repetition of sounds, syllables, or words; prolongation of sounds; and interruptions in speech known as blocks.

💫Here's a sneak peek into our Sport Day activities. You get to see it first, what do you think? . 🌸Screenshot from a few of our online sessions.


Practice large movements of upper limbs - Include games like throwing a ball, pull-push games and animal walks. 🍀Resistance Based games - Include playing with clay, rubber bands, magnetic shapes/alphabets etc.

In this video the therapist is working on a direction giving task to elicit longer complex sentences. This is a recording of a real time session.

This video helps in engaging children for a longer duration hence building attention span and giving more opportunities for joint attention. Aid in vocabulary building. Children learn new words with association. Bumpy, rough, soft, hard, tickly etc.

This videois about Fine motor skills are activities in which you use the small muscles in your hands and wrists to make precise movements. They're different from gross motor skills like running and jumping, which use larger muscles.

Tips to improve attention & focus.

About the video - Most people forget things more readily as they age, and decreased concentration can accompany memory loss. Head or brain injuries, such as concussion, as well as certain mental health conditions can also affect concentration.


Strategies to reduce meltdowns

Find some calm-down routines, like deep breaths, clapping patterns or counting to 10. Practise calm-down routines while your child is feeling calm and secure.


Summer Camp Therapy Activity I Speech Therapy Session I Online speech therapy

It’s here! Most families look forward to summer’s relaxation and lazy days. A therapy camp may be just the way to build skills in a fun way this summer.

Speech Activities for Children with Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant is a device implanted into the inner ear to directly stimulate the hearing nerve. Cochlear implants may be needed when hearing aids no longer work for a child.

Teaching spellings to young learners I Learning process

If you’re looking to teach your child spelling words and improve their overall skills and confidence, it’s important to remember that the learning process should be made interesting, motivating and fun.


Rewards for behaviour I Eating disorder

Reward systems are positive consequences that encourage behavior change and include motivators like sticker charts, token economy systems, point systems, or behavior charts. These rewards are used to encourage change in some way.


Speech Exercises for Parkinson's Disease I Exercises I Voice and speech disorder

Parkinson's disease (PD) can affect speech in several ways. Many people with PD speak quietly and in one tone; they don't convey much emotion.

Oral desensitization I Oral exercises

The mouth is the most sensitive area of the body and babies use this to learn about different textures. This stage of exploring is also important in helping the child to develop control of their mouth.

How Speech Therapy helped this family! I 1SpecialPlace Speech Therapy India

1SpecialPlace is India's pioneering organisation that words with people world wide. We provide speech therapy online and home services.

Online occupational therapy

Sometimes children who have a disability or illness find it difficult to do everyday tasks. Occupational Therapy (OT) is mainly for children who need help learning routine skills that require motor coordination, balance and movement.

You're no doubt aware of the most common causes of hearing loss. Exposure to excessive noise, including restaurants, bars, concerts, headphones, and even certain household appliances.

How to do oral desensitisation at home

This video is a guide for parents who can do these simple exercises for oral desensitisation at home.

Teaching spellings to young learner I Writing activities

Kids learn how to spell in the first and second grades. Most early spelling words need to be memorized. This is particularly true of high frequency service words.

A virtual background enables therapists to use any image they want as the background for a video conferencing session. Here is the interactive green screen speech therapy

Occupational therapists help children and teens with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), sensory processing disorder, or other developmental delays build their skills in everything from handwriting to homework

Developing personality in kids. I Personality traits

Every child has a unique personality he is born with, but the surroundings the child is raised in also play a major role in shaping the personality.

Cluttering and it's treatment

Cluttering is a speech and communication disorder characterized by a rapid rate of speech, erratic rhythm, and poor syntax or grammar, making speech difficult to understand.

Role of OT in Down Syndrome I Oral motor skills

OTs work with the child at this stage to promote arm and hand movements that lay the foundation for later developing fine motor skills.


How to teach a child Handwriting I Teaching strategies

Handwriting skills are an important developmental task and activity for kids. Through handwriting, they are able to express themselves and communicate with the world around them.

Anger in Children I Self-expression

If your child has difficulty expressing anger appropriately or otherwise struggles to manage this powerful emotion, they may need help from a mental health professional. Treatment will help give them the skills they need to feel better.

Speech Therapy India I Best treatment for speech difficulties

There are many causes for such a prevalence In children, speech delays, autism, unclear speech, ADHD, Down Syndrome are commonly observed. In adults, stuttering, voice challenges, accent difficulties are seen.

Applied Behavior Analysis I Improve social skills

Applied behavior analysis is a type of interpersonal therapy in which a child works with a practitioner one-on-one. The goal of applied behavior analysis is to improve social skills by using interventions that are based on principles of learning theory.


World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world. Lets have a look into it.

Activities to Improve Pincer Grasp 

 There are lots of fun ways you can promote good pincer grasp with older children and students. Including these types of fine motor activities into a child's day help promote strong finger and hand muscles needed for future handwriting.


💫Here's a sneak peek into our Space activities. You get to see it first, what do you think?

Stuttering is common among young children as a normal part of learning to speak. Young children may stutter when their speech and language abilities aren't developed enough to keep up with what they want to say. Most children outgrow this developmental stuttering

Problem Solving in Children I Encourage creativity

All students can learn how to become adept problem solvers! Discover why problem-solving is so important in child development. Problem-solving is one of the most important skills children can develop because it prepares them to face increasingly complex academic and interpersonal issues as they mature.

Every baby may not speak at the same pace; every child is different. But there are speech therapy activities for toddlers that you can do to help your child learn to talk at home.

The researchers analyzed more than 132 published and peer-reviewed papers often cited by brain-training companies and proponents as evidence that the practice is effective.

🧠Young children need realistic goals that match their ambitions with their abilities. With your help, older children can choose activities that test their abilities and increase their self-confidence

🗣Oral-Motor Exercises for Children, skills refer to the appropriate functioning and use of the facial muscles (lips, jaw, tongue, cheeks, and palate) for speaking and eating.


Stuttering is a speech disorder which can present itself with different symptoms and severity. In this video, we share the success of our online treatment approach which has helped thousands of people with stuttering.

This video is a compilation of glimpses of online speech therapy sessions at 1SpecialPlace We use various engaging games to make our sessions interesting for children. This ensures continued learning!

🌸TIPS TO HELP CHILDREN WITH ADHD! . 🍀ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. . 📍Save these tips!! . 🌱Create structure towards daily routine 🌱 Break down tasks