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Our Leadership

Pratiksha Gupta

A University College London graduate and AIISH Gold Medallist. She is the mastermind behind 1SpecialPlace. She monitors the progress of all our clients and trains Therapists for quality control.
Founder & CEO

Aditya Agarwal

An IIT and Carnegie Mellon University graduate, he loves taking on new problems and challenges. He started IIT Kharagpur’s first Aerial Robotics Student group.
Co-Founder & CTO

Veena Mehta

A senior educator working since 35+ years in the field of children education. She liaises between clients and Therapists for successful therapy outcomes.
Chief Admin Officer
Operations Manager
Clinical Coordinator
Clinical Coordinator

Ashika Panwar

Admin Team Leader
Clinical Coordinator

About us

Our jouney started with 'Hear n Speak'  in 2009. Hear n Speak was a highly reputed speech and hearing centre in Noida, India, run by Pratiksha Gupta. The company diversified into providing online speech therapy services (speech therapy, occupational therapy and special education) through 1SpecialPlace in 2014. We were born out of a need to bridge the accessibility gap in speech therapy services in India.

Our founder and CEO - Pratiksha Gupta (M.S. London) is a seasoned Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist. We are India's leading and most trusted company in online treatment of speech and communication disorders. The foundation of our company is based on strong values and code of conduct.

Our Core Principles

1. Commitment.  Our employees are deeply committed towards the outcome of our service. Therapy is long term and so are we.

2. Ethics. Ethical and evidence based service is the bedrock of our organisation.

3. Excellence. We strive to achieve excellence in every thing we do.

4. Teamwork. Teamwork always wins. We encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, which is always better than an individual.

India has a large prevalence of speech and communication disorders like speech delays & deviances, autism, hearing loss, ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, stammering, voice disorders, loss of language due to stroke and brain injury etc. Hearing disability is the second highest type and speech disability is the fifth highest type of disability as per 2011 census. 1 in every 10 children have a speech difficulty and 1 in 8 kids have a neurodevelopment deficit!

The company employs the best and diverse teletherapy professionals in the country. The therapists undergo constant training with the latest teletherapy techniques so that our clients get the most updated and evidence based online treatments. We pride ourselves in our holistic approach to care. By removing location as a barrier we provide access to quality support.

With 1SpecialPlace you don't get one therapist but an entire company advocating for your success and working for your happiness!

Our Mission

Quality Service

We aim to provide professional, quality, certified and evidence based treatment.


We strive to make our service accessible by use of technology.


We aim to provide holistic solutions which empower you for life.

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Online Therapy from Home

Avail continued and customized therapy from your home for you or your loved one.