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Our Founder

Pratiksha Gupta, Founder and CEO
Speech Language Therapist & Audiologist
M.S. (UCL, London)

Our Story

1SpecialPlace provides the most trusted Online Speech Therapy in India. We started online speech therapy in India in 2014 and have served thousands of families world-wide. We are proud of our dedicated professional services in the areas of Speech Language Therapy, Special Education, Occupational Therapy and Mental health.


1. Commitment.  Our employees are deeply committed towards the outcome of our service. Therapy is long term and so are we.

2. Ethics. Ethical and evidence based service is the bedrock of our organisation.

3. Excellence. We strive to achieve excellence in every thing we do.

4. Teamwork. Teamwork always wins. We encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, which is always better than an individual.

Speech Therapy in India

Overcoming barriers of location, 1SpecialPlace provides therapy services in various Indian languages to thousands of Indians worldwide.

Our exceptional team comprises of Speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologists,  backed by a dedicated management team. We have been awarded for our contributions by AssisTech Foundation, Amazon India, Hacker Earth and Viridian E Spark. Our mission is to leverage technology to offer holistic solutions to those in need.

We are a neurodiversity affirming practice. We respect and value the different ways in which neurodivergent children and adults function. We give our clients a voice in the decision making process regarding their therapy.

About Us...

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Our Impact


We understand there is a shortage of therapy providers not just in India but worldwide. We are constantly working towards removing barriers of accessibility to reach out to more families around the world, in diverse native Indian languages, increasing the range of disorders we service, along with supporting our exceptional team of caregivers.

50+ Countries Served

Quality therapy is sometimes neither available nor cost effective when you are settled abroad. We serve our diverse NRI population in their native language.

10+ Languages Served

We provide service in diverse Indian Languages, and the list is ever growing.

25,000+ Families Served

We have impacted thousands of families across the globe by providing our professional and ethical services.

100+ Caregivers Employed

Our company aims to support exceptional therapy providers by providing them respectable, long term employment so that they can serve you.

We Serve


We partner with families, schools, healthcare systems and corporates to provide professional, trustworthy and flexible therapy services. We provide speech and occupational therapy, special education and mental health counselling.We provide both online and at home speech therapy.


We are dedicated to helping children and their families. We're proud to offer a online support system that caregivers can access from their home anytime.

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Healthcare Providers

1SpecialPlace actively partners with Healthcare providers, Hospitals, Therapy Centers and aggregators to provide Online Therapy services to a wide spectrum of patients. 1SpecialPlace  strives to provide the highest quality of speech therapy in India.

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Join an awesome community when you partner with 1SpecialPlace, get customised support for all students and staff in your school for better learning outcomes. 1SpecialPlace provides various programs for clarity of speech and better communication from an early age.

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Case Study : Speech Remediation of Stuttering

Clinical insights into our client's stuttering remediation journey with us.

How it Works?


Our customised therapy produces results for people of all ages and conditions — AND it’s convenient and engaging. In fact, our clients tell us that sessions don’t feel like “therapy work.” Speech is how you communicate your thoughts; it’s what we hear. Language is what you want to say; it’s what we think. When you have great speech and language, you express yourself fully and connect successfully with others. We’ll work with you to develop your unique, specialised plan and unlock your most powerful communication.

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Therapy Programs


Discover the 1SpecialPlace advantage with our customised therapy programs. Experience cutting edge treatment from the comfort of your home. You deserve to communicate with confidence, and to learn from the best.

About Us

We’re experts in Online Speech Therapy, serving across India and 40+countries and the pioneers of Online Speech Therapy. Your communication is too important to trust just anyone. Our industry-leading online speech therapists have transformed the lives of thousands of children and adults since 2014.


Online speech therapy at 1SpecialPlace is conducted online via Zoom. We begin our speech therapy program with a baseline evaluation session. After which we lay down a goal plan for the month. Each therapy session is 45 minutes which includes various activities to achieve the goals.In the sessions we focus on improving the child’s receptive and expressive language skills. Listening skills, compliance and attention skills are also along worked upon. For children with communication disorders, the aim is to enhance overall communication and connection with parents. We use a variety of digital and hands on activities which are all custom made for the child. Home work and counselling the parent are also provided to ensure better follow up and carry over on days when speech therapist at home is not held.
A Speech therapist needs to see and hear a child during speech therapy, and this is completely possible through online speech therapy which is a video based interactive way of service delivery. We at 1SpecialPlace provide best online speech therapy in India through an interactive software which has inbuilt features to engage children via digital material which is customised for each child’s speech therapy needs and goals. We also employ hands on activities in our online sessions with the help and support of the parent at the other end. Its a very effective , evidence based protocol that we follow in our online sessions with children. Our children look forward to attending their highly interactive online sessions and even parents are able to sit in the session with their kids to learn how to generalise activities at home.
All our sessions are all tailor made. Right from the tools and tests which are used for assessments, to the techniques and activities carried out during the sessions, everything is suited to the individual. In online speech therapy for adults, we have different programs. These include stuttering therapy and support, speech therapy after stroke, correction of pronunciation and accent challenges and more. One to one therapy, counselling and even group therapy is done for all disorders. 1SpecialPlace's speech therapy from home can help adults with stuttering, loss of language due to stroke, accidents etc ( Aphasia) , Parkinson’s Diseases, Dementia, Voice difficulties etc. We have seen great success for adolescents and adults who opt for online speech therapy services.
Read our detailed blog post on the benefits of online therapy to find out more.
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Online Therapy from Home

Avail continued and customized therapy from your home for you or your loved one.

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