Dice & Tick : Rakhi Vocabulary Game

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What is Raksha Bandhan?

This Indian festival celebrates the love and respect between brothers and sisters. The sister ties a rakhi around her brother’s wrist. A rakhi is a thread with beads and other decorated items attached to it. The sister also prays for his good health and prosperity. In return, the brother promises to protect her and treats her with a gift, delicacies, and money.


This amazing worksheet on Dice & Tick : Vocabulary game is a must have for all parents and educators. With this game your child can learn and revise all words related with rakhi/ rakshabandhan.

1. Words related to Raksha Bandhan
2. Attractive images and spellings
3. Available in both English and Hindi
4. Bonus worksheet at the end : Colour & decorate rakhis
To play this game :
1. Print the worksheet OR open it in your laptop/phone/iPad.
2. Roll the die and tick the word in each column as you say it with your best speech
3. Repeat new words 3 times so as to ensure best retention
4. Use a mirror to show the correct pronunciation of the speech sounds/letters in the words.
Useful for:
1. Children learning to talk
2. Children taking speech therapy/special education classes
3. Adults taking Aphasia therapy
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