Holi Preschool Worksheet Bundle



Holi is a colourful festival and a great opportunity for kids to learn and revise a variety of new concepts in the classroom and even outside! This is an awesome bundle of various concepts which are based on the theme of Holi.Use this worksheet in therapy or at home to work on speech/language, maths and general concepts.

Includes :

  • 10  worksheets to enhance different concepts like
      • Story building
      • Counting
      • Pre maths skills ( less-more, big-small)
      • Letter recognition
      • Language concepts like clothes, food etc. 

Great for :

  • Preschoolers 
  • Students in speech therapy
  • Students in special education classes
  • Tele-therapy sessions
  • Can be given as Homework worksheets to students.

Age :  3years+


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