Monsoon Worksheet Bundle for Early Learners

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Worksheet bundle for Father’s Day. Great for early learners and preschoolers.



Monsoon and rains provide a great opportunity to teach kids a spectrum of concepts and enhance their skills. In India the monsoon season is from June to September. This monsoon worksheet bundle has been specially designed for kids keeping the monsoon theme in mind.

From developmental skills to pre-reading and pre-writing skills, this worksheet bundle will aid therapists, educators and parents alike. Use this monsoon worksheet bundle in therapy or at home!

Includes :

  • 20 monsoon worksheet
  • Colouring pages

Great for :

  • Preschoolers learning to read and write
  • Students in speech therapy
  • Students in special education classes

Age :  2years+

Print and Play!

Can be used in your phone/tablet/computer as a digital resource.


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