Practical ideas to encourage Better behaviour in children

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Practical ideas to encourage Better behaviour in children

Inattention has been defined as the ‘lack of attention or the ‘failure to carefully think about, listen to, or watch someone or something’ {Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary}.  In other words, it refers to the inability of an individual to attend to an item or object, person, sound etc. for a required duration of time.

Attention span in children is a developmental skill. Therefore, a gain in the skill is seen with age, till it becomes adult-like. It is natural for younger children to lose interest and attention rather rapidly when compared to adults with typical attention. And therefore it is prudent to understand the typical development of the skill – before it is seen as an ‘issue’ or ‘deviance’.

Seeking the correct path is crucial. One must pay attention to the subtle signs of inattention in young children, to ensure they can learn better and perform well – developmentally or academically!

About the Webinar

All parents and educators want to help their children maximize their strengths—cognitively, emotionally, and academically. Inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity are the most common presenting behavioural problems in  children these days.

This webinar will uncover simple yet practical tips, ideas and strategies to improve inattention in children. Learn what options can help, what you can do to increase positive interactions, help your child to be more attentive and aware, and provide alternative behaviours.

This is a on demand webinar by the Department of Mental Health at 1SpecialPlace. Once you purchase the webinar you will get access to the recorded video which you can watch any time.

Learning Objectives

Following this on demand webinar, participants will be able to:
• Explain how inattention affects learning and behaviour
• List ways to help children with inattention

About the Speaker

Sayee is an experienced psychologist working in the field since 2015. She works extensively with families and children with special needs, behavioural difficulties and mental health concerns. She has a vast experience in working with special needs children as a psychologist and in the field of dance movement therapy. Her professional interests are child psychology specially behaviour issues owing to ADHD, speech delays, teenage issues, and effective parenting strategies. She also works around mindfulness for stress and anxiety alleviation.

Outcome : Join our course and equip yourself with scientific ideas to improve attention in your child.

Duration : 1 hour

For Whom : This webinar is great for parents, SLPs, Special Educators, OTs, Psychologists and anyone who deals with special needs.


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