Inattention in children – Practical Tips & Guidance

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Inattention in children – Practical Tips & Guidance

Inattention has been defined as the ‘lack of attention’ or the ‘failure to carefully think about, listen to, or watch someone or something’ {Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary}.  In other words, it refers to the inability of an individual to attend to an item or object, person, sound etc. for a required duration of time. 

It is natural for everyone to deal with ‘inattention’ at some point in time. However, inattention becomes of concern, when it affects daily routine, work, academics or play in a larger way. For instance, losing attention during a movie or long conversation at the end of a long day is natural (due to fatigue). However, to constantly lose attention during a conversation during any time of day – can be of concern.

Attention span in children is a developmental skill. It is natural for younger children to lose interest and attention rather rapidly when compared to adults with typical attention. 

It is important to be able to catch red flags for lack of attention early on in younger children. A significant dip in attention can be a cause for concern and may lead to poorer development and academic skills (when compared to peers).

In this on demand webinar you can learn :
1. Causes of Inattention in children
2. Learning tips
3. Coping with Homework
4. Parent guilt
and more!

Download a webinar on Practical ideas to encourage Better behaviour in children


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