Oro-Motor Skills & Speech development in children

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Oro-Motor Skills & Speech development in children

Speech development & Oro-motor skills emerge prior to birth and continue to develop afterward. Easy chewing and swallowing of food by the youngster without coughing, choking, or gagging is an indication of good oral motor development.

Oral Motor skills include:

Feeding skills:

Firstly, the hold,  strength, and tactile awareness of hand for a child to hold the spoon.

Secondly, eye-hand-mouth coordination is another skill. This helps with selecting food, picking it. Oral motor abilities are the most refined of the fine motor skills that humans develop. Other skill is, getting food towards the child’s mouth.

Learning Objectives
Following this on demand webinar, participants will be able to:
-Learn the different oral motor skills and how they affect speech development.
-List different oro motor tools needed to stimulate these skills in children.
– Learn some oro motor exercises.
About the Speaker

Ayesha  is a certified and trained professional adept in conducting assessment and intervention for persons with communication disorders. She has been working as a Speech-Language Therapist since 2016 across different centers in India.

Childhood language disorders, Neurogenic adult communication disorders, Motor speech disorders, Voice and Fluency disorders in adults and children, Speech sound disorders in children.

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