Cure Your Voice 

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Cure Your Voice

Voice is a vital tool that helps to communicate with people around us. Unfortunately,Voice Disorders are common in professional voice users and often go neglected. Your voice is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate, express yourself, and connect with others. Whether you’re a professional singer, a public speaker, a teacher, or simply someone who enjoys talking with friends and loved ones, taking care of your vocal health is essential. Just like any other part of your body, your voice needs proper care to function at its best.
When the structure or function of the multiple systems responsible for voice production are affected, they result in perceptual changes commonly labeled as “dysphonia”. For example, voice may be too soft or sound breathy or may be tremulous or clutter speech. Disorders of the voice can be categorized as those that are caused due to inappropriate use (functional), that are due to some damage to the nervous system (neurological), that are due to lesions in/trauma to the laryngeal anatomy (structural), and that are due to infections (systemic).
Through this on demand video course you will learn:
  • What is voice and how it is produced?
  • Types of voice disorders and changes in vocal mechanisms.
  • Types of vocal techniques to overcome a voice disorder.
  • Exercises & Tips for Clarity Of Speech
This course content is by Reshli Y V ( MSc. Speech Language Pathology) who  is a passionate and skilled Speech Language Pathologist who has been working closely with both children and adults with communication disorders, since 2018. She believes in a collective approach for early intervention of speech and language disorders.
Taking care of your vocal health is essential for maintaining a clear, strong, and healthy voice. By following these tips, you can cure your voice and prevent vocal problems from occurring. Remember to practice good vocal hygiene, stay hydrated, warm up and cool down your voice, pay attention to your breathing, avoid vocal abuse, take care of your overall health, and seek professional help when needed.
Duration : 45 minutes
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