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Beginners Course in Tele-Therapy

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1SpecialPlace is India’s leading organisation which has been providing multi disciplinary tele-therapy services since 2014. It is also India’s first organisation to offer a live, certificate course to get trained on ‘OnlineTherapy’ also known as Tele Speech Therapy or Telepractice.

“We have been training budding therapists since 2016 and have received 5 star reviews for our training methods.”

**This is the latest updated course of 2021 which will be conducted live on the Zoom platform.

Outcome : Join our speech therapy course online and get started in your career as a Telepracticing  Therapist. Certificate is provided.

Duration : This course is for 5 hours spread over 3 days.

Requirement : This course is open for SLPs, Special Educators, OTs, Psychologists and anyone who deals with special needs.

Facilitator : Pratiksha Gupta, MSc. ( London), Speech Language Pathologist cum Audiologist. Certified in Telepractice ( USA)  

Pratiksha Gupta is a seasoned SLPA and the founder of 1SpecialPlace, India’s first exclusive tele-therapy organisation in the private sector. She has delivered various lectures and webinars in multiple platforms of both national and international acclaim. ISHA Con, ISHA webinar series, National level webinars, AIISH, SRMC, Father-Muller University,  Down Syndrome Association, AVAZ app, Jellow App, TALK TOOLS- USA, are a few to name. She has also conducted researches in Telepractice and has written chapters for a book on Telerehabilitation in India.

Next Course Date : 1st week of June’ 21

Course modules
1. Basics

2. Clinical Scenarios

  • Finding Clients
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Client Selection

3. Hands on Training

  • Real time Practice
  • Developing digital material

4. Discussions

  • Case studies
  • Develop digital material
  • Real world challenges
Certificate of Attendance and Course material will be provided.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for Online Webinars before going further


  • The course is conducted majorly on the Zoom platform.
  • Please ensure that you have the Zoom app installed in your laptop/phone/tablet which you will be using during the course.
  • The joining link and instructions will be provided prior to the commencement of the course.


  • High speed internet connection with minimum speed of 8mbps (cable modem, DSL, or better)


  • Please ensure that you have a working microphone connected to or built in your computer.
  • Headphones/Earphones are recommended.

25 reviews for Beginners Course in Tele-Therapy

  1. Amulya (verified owner)

    It was a new experience for me. One of the right platforms to gain knowledge and increase the horizon in the area “technology in speech and hearing services”. This technological field, for me, is like exploratory stage of infants !!!! The course is very interactive. We get to explore the technology at most for our field of speech and hearing. It would be nice to have beginners course under 3-4 sittings rather than having it for a day (2-3 hours) and get more hands on experience.
    India has a long way to go in these lines and I am sure many professionals of our field would like to join hands in bringing up this by getting aware of the concept “telerehabilitation”.

    I congratulate Dr. Pratiksha and her team members for their work in the field of “Telerehabilitation”.

  2. Pratiksha_Mehta_Gupta

    Thank you Amulya for your lovely review and rating! It was great training you on some basics of Telepractice. Since we could not finish everything in the first sitting, we continued the learning on another day as well. I hope to see you for the Advanced Course too!

  3. Tanvi (verified owner)

    This course was very informative and has set new goals for me in the field of speech and language. i thank you Ms. Pratiksha and her whole team for constant efforts so that the full class could be really comfortable. it really was a wonderful new outlook, definitely something more interesting and mind blogging .
    thanks again !!

  4. sowmya narayan

    its very beneficial and gives important information on future scope in the field of speech language pathology. Mrs.Pratiksha is a great speaker.I experienced very Lively and interactive session.thanks for the team for organizing such a good event.

  5. Sanya

    I am happy I took up this course. It was very informative and interactive. Dr. Pratiksha covered all the points in a span of 3-4 hours. The course gives a fair idea about Tele-Speech Therapy. Also loved the work they are doing. I found Thera-Connect a wonderful software for starting our online practice. I am looking forward to do their advance course in the same. I would recommend all therapists who are interested in telerehab to take up this course. It is worth your money and time.

  6. Megha Khanna

    I am quite happy with my decision 4 taking up this course. The course conducted by Dr Pratiksha covers important information on scope of telepractice in speech langauge pathology. The sessions were very interactive and open to lots of questions. The course certainly left me wondering and thinking as to how i can start telepractice myself. We also learnt about theraconnect wch is a very interesting and interactive module for online speech therapy. Thanks 4 this oppertunity 1special place.

  7. Kiyomi

    The session was very interactive moreover practical knowledge was provided. ‘Hands on’, was the best part of the course. I have gained confidence on how to execute online speech therapy. The course just lined up perfectly !! Thanks a lot Dr. Pratiksha for inspiring and enriching me on Tele speech therapy ?

  8. Atika (verified owner)

    It was a great experience to learn about Tell Rehab. The session was very interactive and informative. I’m very happy as I got “hands on” experience .
    I thank and congratulate Ms.Pratiksha and her team for such a great work in the field of tele rehab.

    Looking forward for updates on Advanced course ?

  9. Piyali Mitra (SLP)

    The beginners course is precise in delivering the introduction and adequate base knowledge required for Tele practice. Enjoyed the interactive platform. It feels good to see how technology can open gates to new possibilities. Looking forward to attending the advanced course.
    Want to congratulate Ms. Pratiksha and team 1specialplace, keep up the good work, best wishes! I feel proud that we have such online learning opportunities in India as well.

  10. Pradnya (verified owner)

    The beginners course for Teletherapy wich conducted by Ms Pratiksha was very knowledgeable and informative. I learned lot of things about online services from you wich i was unware of. The tips and and day to day hurdles you face in your practice, you shared with us was very useful. Thank you for enlightening me with this new knowledge and for your valuable time. Looking forword to learn new things from you. Please do share information of your upcoming courses.

  11. Yaashna Rajani

    I attended this course and I am glad I did.
    It was very informative and Ms Pratiksha helped clear all my doubts.
    This is an avenue which has been unexplored and I am glad 1special place has done it in a great way.
    I am looking forward to the advance course.

  12. Sonal Kaushik (verified owner)

    Very informative and knowledgeable course. I am very happy to join this course. I am keen interested to join next advanced course. Ms. Pratiksha handling and clear all doubts very well. I think new trend Tele -speech is boom. Thanks to Ms. Pratikha who include me and give valuable knowledge.

  13. Saloni Piplani (verified owner)

    The beginners course on Telepractice was indeed a very informative and knowledgeable session. A big Thank you to Ms. Pratiskha Ma’am. Thank you so much for guiding me through. I learnt so much in the period and I’m really very glad to be a part of it. Thank you so much Ma’am! Looking forward to the advance courses.

  14. Rita Piplani (verified owner)

    It was a very informative and remarkable session with Pratiksha. I was in search of Telepractice since 4-5 years, finally found one. She explained everything so patiently and enthusiastically.
    She has a great team and very prompt in clearing up all of the doubts. I would like to congratulate the entire team for such an amazing work in the field of Tele rehabilitation! Keep it up Pratiksha ????

  15. K S (verified owner)

    Barrier free environment is all we talk about, 1 special place is one such wonderful platform for a hands on experience on Telepractice. Begginer’s course provided a novel and innovative approach in delivery of services. I am looking forward for the advanced course. Thank you for the opportunity. I wish the team a great success in continuing the education program and to reach many more professionals like me.

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Dear Kalyani,
      Thanks for your encouragement. We wish you good luck!

  16. FATHIMA SINSI C (verified owner)

    This was my very first experience in attending a Tele rehab session which was really worth. Dr. Pratiksha’s delivery of the content was truly inspiring and she was very friendly too. Thanks a lot ma’am for inspiring and enriching me on Tele speech therapy!!

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Thanks Fathima. Happy to know that you liked the content of the course. All the Best!

  17. hassan (verified owner)

    Happy teachers Day…!

    It’s the right day to comment on a teacher.

    I felt it was something I was searching; when I attended the webinar by ISHA, which motivate me to join the beginner’s course on telespeech therapy. The course was brief, worthy and novel which is apt to drive anyone to precede head to be a tele-practitioner.

    The webinar and training- course was Outstanding, which impart master knowledge in the area; shared expertise trends both practical as well as technical aspect of carrying out telespeech therapy. The future and cautions running, training, and legal aspects were well addressed. The way the online course moved also a warm, spontaneous with personal touch make it lively and fun, which made it delighted. Hope its is real deal in industry of rehabilitation and is the standard by which any SLP should aware and trained in tele-rehabilitation.”

    The team special place and especially Dr. pradiksha ma’am through the energy and enthusiasm she brings sessions marvelous. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere through-out the session.
    Thank you team special place for your initiations, you are the best!”

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Dear Hassan,
      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I’m glad you found this useful. I will see you on the other side as a Tele practitioner. Regards…

  18. Ashish kumar balwan

    The course was very informative and beneficial to enhance my skills as a speech therapist.I learnt something new and challenging.I thank 1 special place and ms. Pratiksha for providing us a great opportunity to learn about telespeech practice.

  19. Vineeta (verified owner)

    It was good learning opportunity related to Telepractice. Beginner course is basic course to start practising telepractice. Practical informations were highlight of the course. It was a great being part of this course.

  20. shalini Chablani

    In the times of lockdown when faced with the only option to connect with our clients virtually, I was looking for a course so that I could train myself and my team to undergo baseline teletherapy training so that they feel confident to start their therapy virtually and the course definitely fulfilled that expectation. Unfortunately as therakonnect was sold out we could not avail that software and most of training was done using that. It would be nicer if we could include more of other softwares examples and practice on those during the course. Prateeksha as a trainer was excellent and very helpful. She was clear, confident and well versed with her subject. Would recommend the course as a baseline starting point for all therapist and educators.
    Shalini Chablani
    Occupational therapist at Healing Space therapy clinic, Faridabad

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Hi Shalini,
      Thanks for your positive feedback. I enjoyed training you and your team and the session was very interactive.

      1) I did cover all aspects of Zoom in the training. We even took 45 min training on Zoom platform with everyone else.
      2) Other than that all things covered in the training can be used in any software that you plan to use.
      3) We went over all basics. We spoke about tools in any software that make it telepractice friendly – screensharing, whiteboard, ability to display digital materials etc.
      4) Keeping these in mind, you are free to explore a platform of your choice.
      5) Names of other platforms were covered in the training. And have also been sent in the course material.
      6) We even saw videos of how tele therapy can be conducted.
      7) Other items which would help any beginner were also covered.

      Since it’s a beginning course, I have covered basics and guidelines to start your own online work. You are free to get in touch with me if you encounter any difficulties!

      Good luck 🙂

  21. Neethu Rajiv

    Hai maam,

    First of all thank you for this extended live class on telepractice .It was a huge help for me which have really boosted my confidence to move forward with my session..It was a wonderful session dealt by prathiksha maam . You were very lively through out the session .

    Thank you for enlightening with all your knowledge and your effort to be marked too.. I wish u good luck further ahead

    Thank you ,

  22. neethu rajiv

    Hi maam ,
    It was such a wonderful class . Got to learn a lot from you . You were so confident in your space which boosted me too , to move forward in my workplace . My few quire got cleared too . You made sure, you drew all your students attention. .

  23. neethu rajiv

    Hai maam,
    This is my first experience with live course and I liked it.It has cleared all my doubts . I would strongly recommend this course for all the professionals .The instructor did a great job in covering the course material. Her personality was lively and encouraged engagement from all students.”The class size allows for individual attention which provided good comprehension .I took a lot from this class back to my work place with lot of confidence.

    With regards,
    Neethu Rajiv
    Speech therapist
    The Indian Group of School ,Dubai

  24. Laxme

    Good initiative and it was Informative!!

  25. Saloni Piplani

    Thank you so much for an incredible course. It was truly a fantastic learning experience.

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