Amazon purchases for your child's speech development

Amazon purchases for your child’s speech development

Amazon purchases for your child’s speech development.

1. Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes

Price: Rs. 500- Rs. 750
Chewy Tubes are tools that improve biting and chewing skills. Some kids with feeding difficulty present with oro-motor weakness. For this purpose, a chewy tube is used to improve the strength and range of motion of the jaw muscles (Masseter muscles). Additionally, it aids in tongue retraction which is very important for child’s speech development.

2. Flash Cards 

Flash Cards

Price: Rs. 500

Flash cards are cards with pictures of animals, fruits, vegetables, body parts and more. It improves vocabulary and expressive language for children. Children can learn to sort objects into each lexical category, and can associate the spoken word with its meaning. Moreover, these flashcards can be used for typically developing children in school settings. It is a great addition to a kid’s fun learning tools!

3. Sentence builders 

Sentence builders

Price: Rs. 340

This fun sentence builder activity consists of 90 colourful cards with verbs, tenses, nouns and articles. For instance, children who have a speech and language developmental delay can use this tool to create sentences with more utterances. SLPs and teachers can also participate in this exciting and interactive activity. Moreover, sentence builders also act as great functional communication tools.

4. Kitchen Set 

Kitchen Set 

Price: Rs. 799

Children love to pretend play! For example, The use of play kitchen utensils, make-up kits and first aids kits are very exciting for young children between the age of 3-8. It is a great activity to improve pragmatic development because children will try to involve their parents or kids from the same peer group in these activities. Most importantly, it develops pragmatic skills such as group play, turn-taking, and using magic words such as ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’.

5. Reading Whisper Phone

Price: Rs. 799

This is a creative and effective tool to provide auditory feedback to children who have fluency issues. For instance, children who have stuttering constantly need verbal or auditory feedback to improve their fluency. For this purpose, this tool was built to allow the children to hear their own speech and correct their disfluencies. Additionally, this tool will also instil confidence in children who have difficulty communicating through the phone.

6. PECS Communication book

PECS Communication book

Price: Rs. 3500

Children who have social communication disorders such as Autism or expressive language difficulties such as Apraxia of Speech have difficulty communicating their basic needs to parents or caregivers. Even though this purchase is a tad bit expensive, it is completely worth it! It comes with daily/ weekly planners, communication building strips and pictures of objects in every lexical category. Moreover, the best part of this kit is that it can be customised based on the child’s needs and daily behaviours. Finally, it has a variety of options that cater to the Asian population. For example, it consists of south Indian, north Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese food and dressing styles.

Peg Boards

Peg Boards

Price: Rs. 899

Children under the age of 5 love constructional play. Therefore, peg boards can be very effective toys to improve hand and eye coordination, picture-to-word association, identification as well as vocabulary building. Furthermore, this purchase comes as a set of eight including vehicles, alphabets, animals fruits and numbers. Finally, it also develops colour recognition skills, phonemic awareness and fine motor skills.

In conclusion, these purchases have proven to be of great help to speech-language pathologists because it assists with developing skills through play-based activities. Moreover, this range of products comes at a very reasonable price and is useful for typically developing children too!!

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