Online Therapy for Speech-Language Delay

Online Therapy for Speech-Language Delay

Online Speech Therapy is popular. Owing to its benefits.  Also, it is the most sought-after model of service. So, we are talking about online therapy for speech-language delay. Let’s get started. Online therapy for speech-language delay is simple. Hence, it’s effective. It is easy and cost-effective. So, speech therapists work online. In other words, online sessions are via the internet. The therapist and the client need a laptop. So, the internet is an important element of online therapy. Testing and treatment are online. So, online sessions are popular today. You can access sessions anywhere. Keep reading to know more!

What is Speech-Language Delay?

Speech and language skills are crucial. Firstly, speech skills are how we say sounds. Stringing sounds together to make words. On the other hand, language is learning words. Reading/ writing too. Also, understanding what is said. In other words, the delay is when a child is not communicating age-wise. Further, this delay can be due to speech, language skills, or both. So, speech-language delays can accompany other issues. Communication includes both speech and language skills.

There are many kids who develop late. This is a developmental delay. Often delays are not noticed. Until kids start school. Milestones need to be achieved on time. If you notice your child is delayed, consult now. The earlier the delay is detected, the faster it can be treated. Always know that there is no harm in consulting. Any delay in speech can affect your child. If you intervene at the right time, you can help your child. A delay can be easily bridged with the right therapy. Help your loved one today!

Contact a speech-language therapist. If you think your child has a speech-language delay.

What is Online Therapy?

Online or virtual therapy is via the internet. In this case, the therapist will be online. Also, via a video platform. Testing and treatment are online. So, the therapist and the patient need to have internet. Also, a device with video-conferencing software. So, sessions are fun. Furthermore, be it speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, or special education. So, sessions are for 45 minutes. Digital and hands-on activities are included. The benefits of online therapy are many. In case, you are worried about how effective is online therapy, we got you covered.

Take a sneak peek into our online speech-language therapy sessions.

What is the history of online therapy?

Telepractice or online therapy is over 40 years old. Anyway, it is more popular in recent times. Dr. Gwenyth Vaughn is the pioneer of Telepractice. Additionally, she researched neurogenic disorders. In US veterans between 1975 – 1983. So, she coined the term “Tel-communicology”. She tested her patients using a telephone. Also, the advent of the internet added to her study. In the USA Telepractice gained acceptance in the early 2000s. Further, ASHA released its formal definition of Telepractice.

Click here to know more about online therapy to new world

Telepractice in India

Telemedicine society was started in India in 2001. Further, the first Teletherapy was set up in Mysore. At the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing. Furthermore, 1SpecialPlace is the pioneer in the private sector. Our clients are worldwide. We provide services in the rehabilitation field. So, we can see more people opting for our teleservices. Further, the benefits are multi-fold. People feel tele-practice is easy and accessible. Also since it is accessed from home. So, tele sessions can be taken from any place. Hence, you need a laptop and internet.

What does the research say about Telepractice?

Articles prove telepractice is effective. Further, scientists agree. Read here.

Also, it is effective for disorders like:

Read more for research evidence.

What is Online Therapy for Speech-Language delay?

Online therapy for speech-language delay is a one-of-a-kind program. This is tailor-made for your needs. First, the therapist tests and notes down the concerns. So, live testing is done.  After this, the therapist will council. This is depending on the results. Read more on online assessment. 

Then, a tailor-made therapy plan is given. In other words, this plan is designed for you. So, this plan is based on your skills. The baseline is taken during the first session. Each therapy session is pre-planned. That is, the goals will focus on functional skills. It will help him/her to communicate effectively.

A counseling session is included. The therapist will give you home tips. You can ask your queries. Moreover, it is crucial that you do home training.

Consult a speech-language therapist for your child today.

What is online therapy at 1SpeciaPlace?

1SpecialPlace is truly special! We offer a variety of services. We provide speech-language therapy. In addition, occupational therapy, special education, and our counseling programs are popular. Also, we have an early intervention unit. Hence, we cater to children, adults, and the elderly.

Our core principles are:

  • Ethical and evidence-based Telepractice
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional treatment

We provide online therapy with a twist! Hence, here is a sneak peek into our therapy:

  • 45 minutes one-to-one sessions
  • Assessment/ Treatment and Counseling
  • Home Training tips
  • Group sessions for clients
  • Session reports

We have qualified therapists. Further, we train our team from time to time. Further, this is to provide the best service. Furthermore, we believe in quality over quantity of service.

What are the guidelines for teletherapy?

At 1SpecialPlace we follow tailor-made programs. So, quality of life is the focus. To ensure the best results for you. So, your support is crucial. Also, it is teamwork that counts. The therapist, client, and caregiver work together. This ensures good progress depends on many factors.

It is crucial that you follow some guidelines. They are:

  • Equipment: Use a big screen. In other words, a laptop or tv screen. Hight internet speed >8 Mbps is ideal. In addition, Zoom software is crucial.
  • Environment: Sit in a quiet room. A well-lit room is ideal. Low room noise. Place the screen at a 90-degree angle. Lastly, use a good seat.
  • Facilitator: Caregivers are crucial for kids and the elderly.
  • Communication: 1SpecialPlace provides:
  1. Assessment report
  2. Individual Lesson Plan
  3. Progress Review Reports
  4. Discharge Reports
  5. Session Reports after every session
  • Bookings and Reschedule: Book sessions 12-hours prior. Further, reschedule 30 minutes prior to the session.
  • Admin Support: Our admin is there to help and support your journey.
  • Perseverance is the cornerstone of therapy.
  • Be patient and wait for progress.
  • Further, build a rapport with your therapist. Actively participate. This ensures good progress.


Online speech therapy is a viable mode of service. In other words, it’s effective for kids and adults. Additionally, it’s giving good results. Why wait and see? When you can act today. Further, help your loved ones to reach their full potential. Do not delay the help they need. Furthermore, the earlier the help, the better it is. Early detection will go a long way. So, do not miss a chance to start early therapy. Read here for early intervention.

Hope you gained some insights into Online Therapy for Speech-Language Delays at 1SpecialPlace. So, please leave a comment if you read and liked the article. 

Watch a demo video of therapy at 1SpecialPlace! 

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