Online AVT for Cochlear Implant

Online AVT for Cochlear Implant

Online AVT for Cochlear Implant

Are you thinking of how to do Auditory-Verbal Therapy for your child with Cochlear Implant CI)? Look no more! We are here to talk about Online AVT for Cochlear Implant. So, kids with CI need expert speech-language therapy regularly. Are you worried? Your child is missing out on their AVT sessions? Do you doubt if online AVT will work for your child? Read on to know more!

What is Auditory-Verbal Therapy or AVT?

Auditory-Verbal Therapy is a specially designed therapy. Especially for children with hearing loss. Further, it is different from regular speech-language therapy. Further, in AVT the therapist focuses on listening skills. Furthermore, the child using cochlear implants will learn skills. Skills to listen and understand speech. In AVT the focus is on helping the person to hear, listen, and interpret at the central brain level.

AVT focuses on the below:

  • Listen and learn concepts
  • Focus on listening skills. Such as auditory skills for speech.
  • Conversation and functional listening
  • Focus on clear speech sound production.
  • One-on-one sessions for the child

Overall, AVT focuses on teaching a child with cochlear implants. Specifically, to hear, listen, and understand speech.

Furthermore, the goal of AVT is for your child to listen and speak like their peers.

What are the principles of AVT?

AVT is based on the below principles:

  • First, promoting early diagnosis
  • Secondly, recommending assessment and stimulation
  • Guide and coach parents of deaf children
  • To coach parents to facilitate language and speech
  • Coaching parents to create a listening environment for the child
  • Parental guidance to help integrate listening into life

Will Online AVT benefit my child?

The world has moved online nowadays. Further, we all know the benefits of online Speech Therapy. So, let’s talk about online AVT for children with CI. Online AVT sessions follow the same pattern as that in-person sessions. Further, goals and individual lesson plans are made as per the child. The AVT therapist carries out listening and speech activities online. Further, the online session is curated specifically for your child.

Research has proved that online and in-person sessions give the same benefits.

Research Evidence:

Here are some latest research articles. That have been published to ascertain the benefits of online AVT.

  1. A study conducted by Pollard and Hogan in 2021 in the UK stated the below.
  • Families of children with CI were confident in the effectiveness of online AVT sessions.
  • 85% of parents opted to continue sessions online for their children with CI
  • Further, 8/9 of therapists confirmed that online sessions were equally effective as in-person sessions.
  • Furthermore, family satisfaction was high for online AVT sessions.
  1. Another study published by Bai and Xiang et. al. in 2022 in China stated the below results.
  • The study showed online training platforms for hearing impaired children effectively solved the rehabilitation needs.
  • Further, they showed evidence of progress in personal training, language listening, cognition, psychosocial and knowledge activities.
  1. A study conducted by Shivaswamy et. al. in 2021 in India stated.
  • High parental satisfaction is seen in this study.
  • Online AVT sessions helped parents to continue sessions. Especially in view of the pandemic.
  • Parents stated that the digital revolution supported the service of therapy.

Overall, online AVT sessions can benefit children with CI and hearing needs. However, one has to be regular and consistent in sessions. So, this will ensure good progress.

What is the process of Online AVT sessions?

Online AVT sessions are the same as in-person. So, here your therapist will conduct activities for listening and speaking. Further, some goals and activities are as below:

  • Detection of ling six sounds such as /a, i , o, m , s , sh/
  • Discrimination of speech sounds
  • Identification of speech sounds in context
  • Recognition of speech stimuli through pictures and activities
  • Comprehension of speech when spoken to
  • Conversation in verbal mode
  • Telephone conversation – using digital methods to listen

Your AVT therapist will follow the below steps.  So, this is to ensure the best results for your child.

  • First, a baseline test of listening and speech skills.
  • Next, making a detailed individualized plan.
  • Next, initiating AVT sessions for the child.
  • Further, progress is monitored. Every 2 months and results are noted.

1SpecialPlace provides added benefits. Like:

  • The assessment report is sent after testing.
  • A lesson plan for future sessions.
  • Every session summary e-mail option
  • Progress monitoring of the child
  • Video recording for progress documentation
  • Home training materials
  • One-to-one guidance is given
  • Finally, 360-degree support

Furthermore, activities include a mixture of digital and hands-on. To take a sneak peek click here!

Further, if you wish to enroll for online AVT, kindly contact us!

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