Top learning websites for speech delays

Top learning websites for speech delays


As parents, you know lots of ways to develop the speech and language skills of your kids. These include games, books, and hands-on activities. But when your kid has a delay, you need an extra nudge to help them. We often have to scratch our heads a lot. This is just for finding creative ways to engage them.  To top this up they love screen time. This blog is about top learning websites for speech delays. This will help you engage your kids. It will also give you quality screen time.

Why use learning websites for kids?

A common piece of advice is to avoid screen time. But come on! Who are we kidding? This is next to impossible. To add on we will have to deal with all the tantrums. So why not use this screen time effectively and for learning. This is a win-win for both kids and you. If the above reasons are not satisfying; here are some more reasons to consider this.

  1. Computer Fluency –In this day and age, you need to know computers. No matter what you do. This will help kids to get an early hang of using computers.
  2. Fun way – They will have fun while learning. They will want to play more. Half the job of convincing them to play with you is done !
  3. Develops creativity – There are scenarios and online story-making websites. This will develop their creativity.
  4. Develop eye-hand coordination – Using computer screen and mouse at the same time. This requires eye-hand coordination.
  5. Develop speed and problem-solving- Many games have time limits. They have twists where you have to use problem-solving skills.
  6. Benefit Children with Attention DisordersResearch conducted has found that online games can help those who have attention disorders including ADHD and ADD.
  7. Develop memory through memory games.
  8. Putting difficult subjects in form of fun games. This will change their opinion of the subject. They might enjoy learning that way.

Top learning websites for speech delays

Now, coming to the actual topic of the blog. Here are some websites which I use and personally found very useful and fun.

1.Boom Learning: This has paid as well as free activities. Activities are for a variety of subjects. Such as language, spelling, seasons, maths, etc. This has been my go-to website a lot of times. The website has free activity in form of a preview. These contain 5 or 6 trials. It also has interactive books. There are activities for older and younger kids such as make your scenes. It helps in building creativity.

2. It has online stories and theme-based stories. Each theme has an online story, online activity, printable “take-home” activities. The site gives a booklist. The stories are interactive and are fun to play with young and old kids. You can switch off the volume and ask older kids to say the dialogues.

3. – This is a very cute website. It has language-based games such as dress up, bake your good. It has a corner for making your own story. This is my favorite. You can use it to develop the vocabulary for younger kids. Older kids can make scenes and talk about it.

4. Funbrain.comThis website offers free games. They are for reading, grammar, problem-solving, maths, etc. The tab playground has amazing games for older kids. You can use it to teach the rules of games, how to play and turn it into a narration activity. Another concept such as Troubleshooting when unable to play the game can also be taught.

5. Starfall: This website has games for kindergarten and older kids as well. It has a festival and concept-based activities. For example, it has Earth day activity, where they have to sort out paper, plastic, and can-based objects. The activities are helpful in teaching other concepts such as action verbs, prepositions, etc. It has social stories as well. These aid in explaining concepts such as sharing, teamwork, etc.

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Some more websites:

6. ABCya: What I like about this website is the building games. It has games such as making a cake, making a pizza or building a car. These can be used to practice articulation words apart from building language skills. Language skills such as sequencing, narration, vocabulary building can be targeted. Social skills such as turn-taking can be targeted while playing.

7. Make me genius – This website has educational quizzes and facts for kids. For example, your kids are getting bored with regular coursework. This website will surely increase their interest in the subject. For example, it has science tests and quizzes, educational power points, and videos in Hindi and English.

8. The website is free for teachers. It has books in video format on various topics. You will be shocked to see their collection. In addition to this, it also has resources for activities. If your kid is bored of reading physical copies of books, you can use this website to get them interested.

9. The website is slightly complicated, but once you figure out how to make stories and animations in it, it’s wonderful. It has pre-made animations and stories which you can use to teach various language skills. Apart from this, this is a great website for increasing computer fluency in your kids.

10. As the name suggests, it offers various scenarios to make your own stories. Great for older kids. This will help them build imagination, problem-solving and social skills. It has pre-made storyboards available on various topics for different age groups. For example, it has social stories, activities of daily living explained.

11. Pinkcat This website is built for teachers. It has fun and engaging games to teach various topics such as Wh-questions, Maths, etc.

To conclude

There are tons of learning websites out there. I have summarized the best ones and these are also based on my personal experience. Do comment below if you know of some more fun and engaging websites.

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