DIY activities to teach reading

DIY activities to teach writing

DIY activities to teach reading

firstly,This blog talks about DIY activities to teach writing. Writing is an essential skill for school – going children. 

What is writing?

Writing is the ability to organize your thoughts, ideas and expressions into words. Appropriate vocabulary should be used when writing. The content should also have proper punctuation.

 Importance of writing skills –

Writing helps in the following ways –

  • firstly, it boosts a child’s imagination

  • secondly, stimulates the brain of the child

  • thirdly, improves communication

  • fourthly, helps in academic success

  • fifthly, increases vocabulary

  • lastly, improves grammar

DIY activities to teach writing

Given below are a few activities to teach writing to your child – 

1. Post a letter

This is a great activity to teach writing to children. Ask your child to write a letter to their favorite person. Let them use colored pens, glitters and crayons to make it fun. You can also help them by giving them sentence starter cues or questions. For example, sentence 1 cue can be ‘how are you’. Sentence 2 cue can be ‘what book are you reading’. You can also ask the child to only fill in the blank with one or two words in the letter, depending on their level. After they finish writing the letter, put it in an envelope and take it to the post office.

2. Sensory trays

Use of sensory trays is easy and fun. The possibilities are immense when using a sensory tray. You can ask your child to write spellings, phrases or sentences depending on their level. Simply take a tray and fill it with sand, shaving foam or salt. Sugar, rice and flour can also be used. You can play games like ‘ I spy’. When the child gives the correct answer, ask them to write it on the tray. Reward them for the same. To make it more fun, take turns and see who guesses the most answer with correct spellings. You can also play ‘Spell Me’. You can dictate words to the child and they can spell them on the tray.

3. Roll and spell

This is a fun game. Firstly, take a paper and draw 6 grids. Secondly, number each grid from 1 to 6. Thirdly, in each grid, draw six things the child knows. Fourthly, give the child a dice and ask them to roll it. They have to write the spelling of the word on the grid as shown on their dice. To make it more fun, take turns with your child. You can also increase the number of grids. Choose the drawings ranging from 3 letter words like sun, cat or 4 letters like moon and the like.

4. Shopping list

This is a fun way to teach the child writing. Before going shopping, tell the child you need help in making a shopping list. Give your child a paper and pencil. Now ask them to write the things you need. Help them out with spellings if needed. Alternatively, you can also tell the child to make a shopping list of the things he/ she needs. This is quite a fun task that children enjoy. This makes learning fun!

5. Painting mania

Children absolutely love painting. There is no better way to get them to write. Bring out the pain box and brushes. Children can paint their names. This can be stuck on the room of their door. You can also ask them to paint the names of their favorite cartoons or food and the like. This will get them to write without complaining. 

6. Silly stories

This activity will help children write a small passage. Start with narrating a story to the child. To make the story interesting, include things they love like their favorite color or cartoon. Stop half way. Now ask the child to complete the story by writing it down. They can also draw after they finish writing. 

7. Scavenger hunt

Get your child to make a scavenger hunt for the family. Involve them in discussing the clues and things to hide. Once you have done the discussion, give them post its and a pencil or colored pen. Now ask them to write the clues. They can then stick the clues at the correct place. This is a fun way to teach the to write.

8.  Party Invitation

Every child loves birthday party. Use this chance to get your child to write invitations to their friends and family. Bring out colored papers and pens. Ask your child to write an invitation for his/her birthday party. They can also put stickers on the invite. Children will enjoy this activity and it will also be a great way to teach them writing.

9. What’s this?

This is a fun activity to teach writing. All you need is a pencil, paper and an object. The object must be something the child is familiar with. For example, you can take an apple. Now put down three or four cues for the child – firstly, what is the name of this fruit. Secondly, what is it’s color? Thirdly, how does it taste? The child will look at these question cues and write a small passage about it. You can use anything for writing from fruits, toys, vegetables or colors. 

10. Comic strips

Get children to write comic strips. Simply give them comic strips without the written content. Discuss with them what they think the comic strip says. Then ask them to write it. You can also make a comic strip scrapbook. Keep adding pages to this scrap book. This not only teaches the child to write, but also boosts their imagination.

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