DIY task boxes to teach children

DIY task boxes to teach children

Task boxes to teach children will be discussed in this blog. These boxes are DIY, meaning do it yourself. These can be easily made by you for various activities.

What are task boxes ?

A task boxes is a box that contains all the materials needed to teach a particular task or skill to the child. These boxes provide a structured way of helping children learn on their own. The child can open the box, do the task and keep it back. The task boxes can be simple or complex, depending on the level of the child. Thus, it can be used to teach at various stages of learning.

What are the benefits of task box –

The benefits of using a task box for learning are –

  • Firstly,  it helps children become independent learners

  • Secondly, they lessen the need for verbal instruction

  • Thirdly, they are suitable for all stages of learning

  • Fourthly, it can be made as per the need and ability of each child

  • Fifth, the boxes are easy to prepare

  • Lastly, they can be used to teach a variety of skills and tasks

How to make a task box ? 

The steps given below can be followed to make a task box –

  • First, decide the goal you want to teach the child

  • Then plan a simple activity that will help the child achieve that goal

  • Third, collect the materials needed for the activity or make them

  • After that, take a shoe box or any plastic box

  • Next, you may cover the box too

  • Then label the box with the name of the activity

  • After that, make a visual schedule of the task and paste it too

  • Finally, put all the things inside

The child can now use this box to practice the skill.

Task boxes to teach children

Given below are a few ideas to prepare task boxes for a variety of skills 

  • Task box for sorting

This is one of the easiest task boxes to make. Collect different items such as pompom, cotton balls of different colors, buttons, colored marbles and the like. Keep each of these things in separate seal pouches. Next, take two plastic bowls or glass as well. Put these all in a shoe box or plastic container. Label the box. Finally, show the child how to use the box to practice sorting.

  • Task box for addition

To make this box, start by taking in manipulative (buttons/ cotton balls/colored marbles). Next, make flash cards of the addition sign and digits 1 to 9. Now keep them all in a box and label it. Then teach each the child to use the box for practicing single digit addition. Teach the child to pick any two number flash cards. Ask him or her to put the addition sign card between the two numbers. Finally, child will have to take the manipulative and count them all together.

You can make a new task box for subtraction or use the same. In case you plan to use the same box, put in flash cards of subtraction sign as well.

You can also increase the complexity of the task box by adding in two digit numbers and worksheets.

  • Task box for counting

To make this box, firstly take plastic cups. Secondly, on each cup, write a number you intend to teach. Thirdly, take straw and cut it into half. Fourth, put the visual schedule for the activity and label the box as well. Finally, all the child has to do is read the number on the cup and put those many straws inside that cup.

  • Task box for spelling

You can take magnetic letters or write letters on small chits. At first, take pictures of three letter words. Put in the visual schedule and label the box. The child has to be taught to pick a picture and identify the same. He then has to spell it by picking up the different letters. You can customize this box depending on the level of the child. This can include pictures of 4 letter words and two sets of alphabets.

  • Task box for color

Take sponge of the colors you want to teach and cut it into small squares. Take plastic cups or glasses as well and label each of them with a color name. Keep a peg or small tong. Ask the child to pick the sponge with the peg or tong. He then has to put it in the cup corresponding to the color name. 

  • Task box for fine motor skill

This box can have different activity materials. Take a few strings, beads and pasta. The child can string the beads or pasta into the string. You can also keep play dough along with flash cards of different shapes. Looking at the picture, the child will have to make the shape using the play dough. You can also keep small bottles. The child will have to open the bottle lid. This is a fun box. It gives the child options to practice the activity he wants to do. You can customize it depending on the level of the child.

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  • Task box for ascending numbers

For this box, take foam papers and cut it into small squares. The square for number 1 should be smallest. Increase the size of the foam as the number increases. Make a flash card showing ascending numbers go from small to big. The size of the foam will also help the child to understand which is the smallest number. Now put in question cards asking the child to arrange the numbers in ascending order. You can also increase the level of the activity by writing the numbers on the same size of foam. This can be done once the child has practiced with the previous numbers.

Grab a box and make a task box right now!

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