Best Social Stories for Children

Best Social Stories for Children

Best Social Stories for Children

The best way to teach social skills is through stories. I bet you all agree! Further, for most children with learning issues, autism and special needs, social interactions are tough. Furthermore, conversing, maintaining social interactions is a challenge for some kids. Hence, social stories are here to the rescue. Today we are listing best social stories for children. You can read these books with your child. In other words, it will guide them to initiate and hold social interactions with people. So, read on!

Here are the Best Social Stories for Children for you:

100 Stories of Social and Safety Awareness by Makoto Shibutani This book is designed for children with Down’s syndrome, autistic kids and other related disorders. Further, the book has 100 social stories and focus on safety awareness. Furthermore, there is a data sheet for each story. You can track your child’s progress over time. The book is in English and it has 218 pages. There are pictures for each story to make it easy for kids.

Social Skills Activities for Kids by Natasha Daniels This book is designed for 6- to 10-year-olds. Further, the book has 50 fun activities. These activities target making friends, talking and listening and understanding social rules. Furthermore, this book will give confidence to kids to navigate social situations. Overall, the book targets the following aspects;

  • Life lessons: learning to handle everyday situations
  • 50 interactive activities: games/ fill-ups and reflective entries
  • Real scenarios: everyday life scenarios

Hence, this book is a good investment to teach your child basic social skills.

My Social Stories Book by Carol Gray  The book is appropriate for kids aged 2 to 6 years. Further, the book is in English and consists of 144 pages of stories. Furthermore, the book contains 150 social stories with line drawing depicting scenes. Overall, the book helps a child to learn social skills such as;

  • Activities of daily living
  • Going to school/ shopping
  • Interacting with people and peers
  • Responding to social situations

Therefore, this book is ideal for autistic children and children with special needs. If your child is struggling with social skills, this is the book to go to.

Social Story – Saying Excuse Me and Please by Natural Learning Concepts and Jene Aviram This book contains two short stories. Firstly, one story teaches children how to interrupt politely. Secondly, the next story teaches basic manners. Furthermore, each story has illustrations. As the child learns new social skills, their confidence in social situations improves. Furthermore, each book has comprehensive questions at the end. You can also track the progress of your child. This book is ideal for autistic kids and those with speech delays.

MySELF Theme: I Get along with others by Multiple authors  This book is designed for kids between 3 years and up. Further, the book helps to build social and emotional intelligence. The book has 6 stories with real world experiences. You can encourage your child to discuss the situations learnt in the book.

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