How To Talk To A Newborn Baby

How To Talk To A Newborn Baby

How To Talk To A Newborn Baby

A Newborn baby is a bundle of joy to everyone. But on the contrary, it is more of nervousness, as new parents often wonder what to do with them. Many thoughts cross their mind like – how do we talk to her, will she be able to understand us, or how do we react to the child when crying, what do we do to make her happy …. etc!! So my advice to all of you is JUST TALK!!

Why is it so important to talk to a newborn? The studies reveal that 80% of the child’s brain develops by 3 years of age. As the brain gets bigger, it also forms the connections it needs to think, learn, and process information. These connections, called synapses form at a super-fast rate, about 700 per second in the first few years. Speaking to your baby fires up those important synapses in the part of her brain that handles language.

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A newborn initially learn all through their senses. Good “baby talk” is built on a solid foundation of emotive speaking and gestures that reinforce your words. Babies are highly receptive and can read your emotions and understand what you are trying to explain. There are lots of things you can do to make this process easier for a baby. Speak to her authentically, honestly, slowly, and in simple language about the real things happening to her and in her immediate world. Respectfully inform her a bit in advance about events, changes (like being picked up or placed down), and uncomfortable or new experiences. Acknowledge the sights and sounds in her surroundings, especially when her expression indicates she notices. Babies also imbibe an emotional tone.

You can encourage baby’s early attempts to communicate with you by-
  • Giving loving attention like smiling often at your baby. When she awake tell her “ Ohh! Look you are awake. I was waiting for you to be up!! How did you sleep? ”
  • Respond- Look at your baby often when they are Cooing or Gooing like “Do you want to have milk? Are you happy?”, rather than being busy in your own work or newborn baby talking to someone else.
  • Be patient- as you try to decode your infant’s baby talk and nonverbal communication, like facial expressions, gurgling, or babbling sounds that could signal either frustration or joy.
  • Creative- talk to them in a sing-song way. Modulate your voice more while talking to your new born child so as to get her attention towards you. Keep their attention by making some random meaningful songs. While giving bath sing the “bath song

Talk To A Newborn Baby

  • Enthusiastic- be enthusiastic when talking to the baby. This shows your interest, and that you are engaged with what they’re doing. Try offering an exclamation when your baby does something. For instance, you can say, “Wow, what a big smile! That makes my day!”

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  • Narrate keep offering the baby verbally, all, what is happening around or what you did today. “you know Mumma went to the kitchen and cooked one delicious meal for daddy! When you grow up, will cook the same for you.”
  • Feel free to mix in a silly tone or a wacky phrase you like into your narration. Do what feels natural to you, while mixing in adult phrases and words.
  • Read studies suggest that if parents start reading early to their children, they tend to learn more and it also helps stimulate the developing brain. Many babies are soothed by music, and begin to recognize simple songs by reacting with smiles, gurgles, and waving arms and legs.

Teach your Baby

  • Make time to give your baby lots of loving attention, so he can “speak” to you with his or her baby talk, even when you’re busy with other tasks.


Hope this gives you guiding light to start talking to your child in a much confident way. Subscribe to our page for more interactive activities and toys which can help you bond better with your child. All the best!!


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