Tips for Children with Hearing Loss

Tips for Children with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common causes for speech and language delay in kids. Hearing loss not only causestips for children with hearing loss delay in speech but also slows down learning . It has been most studied and documented. Recent studies suggest the earlier hearing loss is identified and intervened, the easier it is to help the child to bridge the gap. Some important tips which can help the child with hearing loss are-

AwarenessHearing loss can be  compared to having poor eyesight. As it’s important to get a spectacle for low eyesight, similarly it’s important to have a hearing aid/cochlear implant for a sensori-neural permanent hearing loss.


Early intervention– As soon as the child is born to go for a hearing screening if there has been any medical condition- fever/ pneumonia/ late birth cry, etc. Get a hearing aid/ cochlear implant as soon as possible. It helps the child to enter into the world of hearing soon.

Regularity– Make sure, after the fitting of the device, the child wears the device all the time he is awake. Children especially are very naughty and are in a way to remove the device. Pretend play and help them realize the importance of wearing the device. Also, keep a regular check on the working of the aid/ batteries/ if cochlear implant then reprogramming of it.

School help– If the child goes to school, it’s important to make the teacher aware of this fact and let them make few arrangements for the childlike- making them sit in front, keep a regular check if the child is following the instructions, if possible repeat the instructions given, check for the working of the aid. Avoid any damage to the device. As parents, you can also get extra help or extra time at the time of examination.

Therapy– Just fitting with the device doesn’t imply that the child will start talking on his own. We need to teach them to awareness of important sounds, localization, and identification differentiation of the sounds too. Also, teach them the production of sounds that are not easily visible and picked up by children.

Enjoy – Let them enjoy their childhood the same as the children with normal hearing. After fitting with the hearing device they stand on the equal platform as any other child. Don’t stop them from involving them in any extracurricular activity.

Self-esteem – Make sure you boost your child’s self-esteem on every accomplishment. Also, it helps them develop “tease tolerance”.self esteem

Avoid– Try avoiding the habit of lip reading after the hearing aid/ cochlear implant fitting. You can learn how to talk to children in the following therapy classes. Also avoid talking to them in a louder tone, as after the device is fit their hearing is as normal as any other child.

Tips for Children with Hearing Loss


One at a time– speak at a time with the child to avoid confusion and increase clarity.

Reduce background noise– Hearing aids and cochlear implants amplify a child’s hearing, which means they have to concentrate very hard on your voice to hear it over everything else. Background noises such as traffic or the radio can make it difficult for a child to listen. Block out unnecessary noise by closing windows, doors and turning machines off.


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