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We are delighted to feature this story of Little Miracle Sami and his mother. This is an amazing story of strength, determination, compassion, and a mother’s love for her son. We bring to you Sami’s journey through his mother’s thoughts.

“I am blessed with the most beautiful soul”

My Beautiful Samosa Monster Sami…..where do I start. Soon he will be double digits a 10-year-old….nearly 10 years of being blessed with the most beautiful soul. Ten years of loving him and learning about him every day. The love and joy that he has bought in my life are beyond anything I could ever have imagined. He makes me smile EVERY single day.

Sami Sami








Sami is diagnosed with Severe Learning disability, autism, sensory Modulation disorder, and is nonverbal. Since receiving his diagnosis the journey has not been easy but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Sami is unique, funny, handsome, and smart. He is a Samosa Lover, minion, and Madagascar fan. He loves watching them on repeat every day.  Sami is a beautiful mixture of light, laughter, joy, strength, intelligence, perseverance, resilience, humor, curiosity, bravery, kindness, empathy and so much LOVE.

“I had a beautiful boy in front of me who was happy in his own world, who knew nothing of the worries of this world.”

When Autism came into my life I didn’t know a thing about it, but over the years  I have researched, learned from Sami, connected, and learned so much from other Amazing mothers and families in similar situations. When Autism came into my life it was hard as a mother to accept that my child will be different from other kids, a child that will require support into his adult life. It hurt, hurt a lot I cried many nights but that achieved nothing but just made me stressed.

I had a beautiful boy in front of me who was happy in his own world, who knew nothing of the worries of this world, who needed me to be there for him, to help him achieve things, to advocate for him. Worrying and stressing about his diagnosis was not doing any of us any favors it was just taking time away from us, the time we could enjoy with our Beautiful Boy, we had to invest all our energy and time into him so that he could have the life he deserves. I love Sami exactly the way he is and I wouldn’t change him for the world, yes I still worry about his future but I don’t let it consume me, I make sure I do my best for him and enjoy life with him.

“I love Sami exactly the way he is and I wouldn’t change him for the world!”

What I love about my Samosa Monster Sami is that he never gives up, he always tries his hardest. Especially with his communication, he has worked really hard to communicate some of his needs using the Picture Exchange Communication system. He also has his own little language through gestures and sounds, he works really hard to try to communicate what he wants with us in his way we just have to take time to understand what he is saying.

Some days he really Amazes me when he shows me exactly what he wants, for example, one time he wanted to go for a drive so he got his shoes and my shoes and sort of kept pushing his hands towards the window where the car was parked outside. My heart just bursts with Pride n joy when he is able to do this.  Over the years I’ve learned how to interpret his patterns of eye movement, gestures, noises, and other physical and auditory cues to understand his nonverbal communication and it is just beautiful.

I love watching him stimming, I watch him in awe as twirls around the room, flaps his hands bounces, and jumps. Sami your Stimming is Beautiful ❤

Despite his struggles, a cheeky little monkey with the biggest smile and his face just lights up when he enjoys something and that for me is just priceless.

Sami may not be able to use words to say I love you but he tells me every day just in a different way. He gives me a cheeky smile when he sees my face. He seeks my attention in different ways, pulling my arm, hugging me, or just holding my hand. I am his safe place every time he has a meltdown. Every time we snuggle or he pulls my hand to things or to reach for me that’s love. Every night when he needs me by his side to fall asleep that is his way of showing his love too. No words could fully capture his love for me and my love for him.

“What they need is for us to realize that we can listen with more than just our ears!”

There are so many ways in which every child on the autism spectrum, verbal or nonverbal, is capable of saying “I love you.” What they need is for us to realize that we can listen with more than just our ears! I feel an overwhelming expression of love without having to hear it expressed verbally. There is no greater feeling than looking at my Sami and knowing that I am loved and adored, just for being me.

One of the biggest challenges bringing up a child who has Autism or Learning Disability is that because it’s a hidden disability people don’t understand our struggles. They look at Sami and see that physically he is healthy so how can anything be wrong with him? Also being Asian there is a lot of Stigma attached to such disabilities. People think he’s mad or possessed, needs curing and they keep us at a distance. This is one of the main reasons I share Sami’s Journey to raise awareness and fight the stigma related to such conditions. I am not ashamed of him and never will be, I will not hide him away! Sami has as much right as anybody else to enjoy life and live it to its fullest. He is loved so much and I wouldn’t change him for the world, but wish people would change their mindset.

“I am not ashamed of him and never will be, I will not hide him away!”

One thing I would say is to people to not judge Sami just by looking at him. You can’t see his struggles just by looking at him. We can’t see the frustration of growing up and being unable to verbalize his needs. You can’t see how he struggles to do things a typical 10 year old can do. When you meet a child-like Sami don’t compare them to other kids. Do not judge them. Take some time to get to know them. They will show how beautiful their world is.

In the future, I hope Sami can be independent. I would love for him to talk even if it is just a few words. He struggles with a lot but as he gets older, I hope it gets easier.  Also, I hope people will not judge my son by just looking at him! Yes, he is physically fine but nobody knows his struggles so please be kind. People need to educate themselves about learning disabilities and Autism and that it is a neurological disorder and stop with stigma, as it’s very hurtful!

“He does not need words to form bonds, his actions, and facial expressions are how he responds.”

Sami is gentle, affectionate, and loves abundantly. He does not need words to form bonds, his actions, and facial expressions are how he responds. He is accepting of everyone if they treat him right. Sami is nonverbal at the moment but has a lot to say. He just communicates in a different way. Please take your time to get to know him & understand. He will show you how truly amazing he can be. Actions speak louder than words as soon you’ll see. Sami has taught us that love needs no words.


Sami has an alternative set of strengths and weaknesses. Someone with the potential to thrive in the right environment. He makes sense of the world in a unique way. Sami needs the same love and acceptance as anybody else!

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Ayesha Anjum
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  • Alena Raza

    Hello Sami!
    Your story is so inspiring! Keep up the good work! So excited to see your journey!

  • Ruwaida Moosa

    So very proud of Sami and his strong mom,may you both remain happy and healthy always.l simply love reading about your journey together,gives us autism moms hope and let’s us know that we are not alone.

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Agree with you! We love Sami and his mom 🙂 So inspirational!

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