Atypical Advantage

Candid with “Atypical Advantage”

Candid with “Atypical Advantage”

In today’s interview series we bring to this amazing platform “Atypical Advantage” working for people with disabilities. They are a one-of-a-kind platform in the world. People with Disabilities can showcase their talents and skills and get valuable opportunities to connect with corporate agencies. “Atypical Advantage” website serves as a link for people to contact potential agencies looking for their service. In addition, opportunities for mentorship are also provided by the platform. We are delighted to present to you their amazing story.

Atypical Advantage

Q. Please share with us more about “Atypical Advantage”

Atypical Advantage is the first inclusive platform for skilled people with disabilities to find opportunities for freelancing, full-time jobs, shows, or events; founded in 2020 by Vineet Saraiwala. They can also sell artworks and products made by them to earn a dignified income. Recently, the platform also launched a find jobs portal where people with disabilities can find jobs suitable to their skills and requirements.

Atypical Advantage has received recognition for the uniqueness of the vision and for fulfilling the need of the hour. It is bridging supply and demand side inefficiencies by bringing performing artists, service professionals, visual artists, organizations in the skilling arena, Entrepreneurs with disabilities into a single platform and connecting them with prospective clients, corporates, and individuals thereby generating livelihood with dignity at scale.

Q. What is the main idea behind launching “Atypical Advantage”?

Vineet Saraiwala founded Atypical Advantage with a vision to bring inclusivity in the corporate and professional world. While finding models and artists for past projects, he realized how difficult it was because people with disabilities did not have enough visibility or exposure.

He used to lead inclusion for Big Bazaar. ‘While trying to hire artists and models for Big Bazaar campaigns I found no talent platform for people with disabilities that worked in a transparent way,” says Vineet, who is visually impaired. “This is a platform that aims to empower these individual artists so they can empower people across the country”, he says. “A lot of volunteers have come together to make this happen. Our message is simple – Help persons with disabilities create their own buyers.”

The platform can generate immense employment opportunities and has appealed to more people with disabilities to join it. Joining the platform does not require any charges or fees. He has also urged corporates and individuals to hire or book talents and buy products from the platform.

Aptical art

Q. What are some of the opportunities your platform provides?

Atypical Advantage hosts a range of verticals that help people with disabilities showcase their talents and earn a dignified livelihood.

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Talent Categories

Corporates and individuals can hire talents for full-time jobs or freelancing assignments. Talents can also be booked for performing at special events and shows. Every person with a disability listed on the platform has a unique profile page where their talent, testimonials, images, disability type, location among other things are mentioned. People can filter the categories to find the right person for the job. People with disabilities are listed under their specific talent category which is sorted in Inclusive Hiring, Performing Artists, and Service Professionals.

Inclusive Hiring categories are Freelancers like Photographers, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, and Accessibility testers along with Mutual Fund Executives, BFSI Sales Executives, Insurance Executives, Business Correspondents, IT Executives, Chefs & Bakers, Tele callers, and Data Entry Experts.

Performing Artists like Models, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Bands, Motivational Speakers, and other Diverse Performers are listed under this category.

Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Sign Language Interpreters, Artists, Voiceover Artists, Disability Trainers, and Entrepreneurs are categories listed under Service Professionals.

Atypical Art

Artists with disabilities can list their artworks and paintings in this vertical. Their work is presented with a short description and various images representing the painting in various décor. One can also read more about the artist by clicking on the name of the artist. The artwork listing also mentions the dimensions of the painting, the type of painting (media used to make the artwork), and the year of creation.

India's largest inclusive platformStore

People with disabilities, who make crafts and design products, can list the products they make in this vertical. The products are up for sale for any individual or corporate entity that visits the platform. From festive products to daily essentials, all kinds of products have found their place at the Atypical Store. All products are exclusively made by people with disabilities.

Post/Find Jobs Portal

This is the most recent addition in the verticals of the platform. Corporates and employers can come to the platform to hire talents from the website. They can post job openings with relevant details which will be visible to all who view the page. People with disabilities can then visit the page to find jobs and browse through job vacancies and apply for the ones they are suitable for.

Q. What are the future plans for “Atypical Advantage”?

Atypical Advantage aspires to help every person with disabilities out there and encourage them in every endeavor they make. We plan on generating livelihood at scale and getting people with disabilities employment opportunities that align with their skills. Every person with a disability deserves a chance to showcase their talent and make a name for themselves and we would be immensely delighted to help in any way we can.

Q. What is a message you would like to give to society?

We, as a society, need to change our perspective and mindset when it comes to people with disabilities. People are just as talented and skilled, maybe even more. All they need is the correct opportunity to make their voice heard and their skills showcased.

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