App Review for Speech Sounds

App Review for Speech Sounds

App Review for Speech Sounds

Speech Sound Training can be very tricky! Don’t worry! We will help you choose the best digital application for your child. We are going to do an App Review for Speech Sounds in this blog.

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So, let’s get started.

App Review for Speech Sounds



CineVox is a visual graphic app. It is an amazing app to teach kids to say speech sounds. Further, it also helps to train vocalizations. Additionally, CineVox has 21 different visual effects. These visual graphics teach speech sounds in a multi-sensory way. Furthermore, this can easily connect to your iPad or TV.

Speech Tutor:

Speech Tutor

This is yet another great app. Further, speech tutor is used by therapists everywhere. It can help to easily show the child different oral movements. It precisely helps to place the tongue and lips and say speech sounds. In other words, it shows how the various sounds are produced inside the mouth. Furthermore, it has over 132 animations. Additionally, with front and side views of the oral cavity. Further, you can also play it at slow, medium, and fast speeds to learn the sound. Hence, kids can learn how to say each speech sound.

Talking Pierre the Parrot:

Talking Pierre the Parrot

This app is for young kids with speech sound issues. This app has a digital parrot that imitates voices in a funny way. It can be used in addition to another app. Further, young kids can benefit from this. All you need to do is say the sounds. Further, the parrot will repeat it in a fun way. Additionally, use it as a reinforcement activity.

Word Search Articulation:

Word Search Articulation

Word search articulation app has many fun activities. It has puzzles with over 1,000 different words. Further, the words target specific speech sounds. It has fun games and word searches. Here you can teach your child to learn many speech sounds. Additionally, these games are for single players or multiple players. It is for kids age 6 and up. This includes speech sounds such as s,z,l,r, ch,j, and many more. Further, it can be used on your iPad or phone.

Listen Close Articulation:

Listen Close Articulation

This is a great application. It challenges kids to memorize and repeat words with speech sounds. It has a collection of 600 specific speech words. Here the kids can view and play several games. It practices strings of words like a drill. It is just like the game “Simon Says”. You can practice several sounds such as r/l/s/z/t/d/ and blends.

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