Spectrum of Hope – “Maasi”

Spectrum of Hope – “Maasi”

Spectrum of Hope – “Maasi”

Maasiis an online enterprise working for Autistic children and parents. It is founded by an exceptional mother Ms. Gouri Ganti. She is a passionate mother to Ms. Jia who is diagnosed as Autistic. Ms. Gouri founded “Maasi” to help cater to her daughters’ sensory needs along with helping other parents in the journey.

“Maasi” is an enterprise that develops sensory toys for children with sensory needs. They believe in helping children to self-regulate and fulfill their sensory needs through their products. Their products are hand-made and customized for every child’s needs. We are delighted to bring to you this lovely interview with the team “Maasi”.

founders Ms. Gouri and Ms. Prasanti

spectrum of hope

Q. Please share with us more about “Maasi”

We at Maasi create customised sensory weighted products for kids / individuals with sensory needs /autism spectrum / learning issues / anxiety issues / sleep disorders/ADHD/ bipolar issues. The name Maasi stands for mother’s sister or “maa” “jaisi”. That’s why the tag line made by another just like you.

Gouri Ganti          Prasanti

Picture: Ms. Gouri Ganti and Ms. Prasanti (Founders of “Maasi”)

Q. What is the inspiration behind “Maasi”?

Our need to get products/ toys that would indulge my daughter who is 8 now was the basic motivation initially to research and make these products.

Q. What are some of the products “Maasi” designs?

We started off with sensory hand fidgets which promote self-play and help on reducing anxiety about new places and new things. We make a wide range of sensory and weighted products like a weighted jacket, weighted blankets, hand weights with handles, weighted lap-pad, sensory foot mats, sensory hand mats, activity mats, name/number/ alphabets boards/ sensory toys like rainbow clouds and sensory pompom window curtains and more.

Maasi designs

Picture: Products from “Maasi”

Q. What are the future plans for the company?

We would like to reach out to a wider audience and create customized sensory gifting solutions for kids with needs.

Q. What would you like to tell caregivers in the Autism community?

I think everyone has their own journey and one should trust that, however, it is always advisable to ask for help and explore various possible ways to help/heal individuals as none of us are alone in this. I would highly advocate focusing on the mental and physical wellbeing of the primary caregiver as if you’re not well you will never be able to help your child.

spectrum of hope massi comments

A message from maasi

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