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Distance Learning Ideas for Kids

Distance Learning Ideas for Kids

Teaching and learning can be fun at home! Hence, we are talking about Distance Learning Ideas for Kids. All we need is to be creative, imaginative, and interactive. Further, E-learning or distance learning is a part of our lives post COVID-19. Moreover, social distancing brings several restrictions. Kids are mostly at home. They are relying on e-learning. Also, are you thinking of how can you make this fun? Read on! It is tricky to get kids adjusted to this new normal. However, it is not impossible.

UNESCO’s resources on distance learning.

Furthermore, learning does not have to be boring. So, make it engaging, fun, and interactive. Then see how easy it is. Epically, to get your kid to learn a new skill. Click here for tips on distance learning. So, read on for ideas that you can use at home. We are sure you will enjoy this article.

Distance Learning Ideas for Kids

Virtual Field Trips

Yes, virtual field trips are great. A virtual field trip is like a regular trip but just that it is online. It is just like going to a farm, beach, or museum. But this time, it’s going to be online on your browser. It gives the real-life experience of places for the viewers. You can be anywhere in the world and access this. So, take your little one to a museum in Egypt or to a beach in Australia. It’s all possible from your home. There are a number of websites available online for this.

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Sit down with your child on a chair. Open the browser and tell them you’re going on a trip. Make it fun by encouraging your child to ask and answer questions. Read boards in the field trip and discuss places visited. It is a great activity to teach many skills.

Virtual Story Makers

Read and build stories online! Virtual story makers are popular among teachers and kids. Get your child to build his/her own story online. Virtual story makers are digital storybooks. In this, the child can build his/her own story. Kids can choose characters, places, and experiences. These are great to build speech, thinking, and problem-solving skills. Bonus is your child gets to learn a new story all by himself. So, don’t wait. Start today!

Here are some free websites for story making!







Online Education Therapy Service

There are many websites that offer great learning activities. Games to teach typing, reading and writing can help kids learn. Online reading and writing games can boost your child’s academic skills. Websites offer age-specific writing and reading activities. Typing and painting are also fun. Instead of playing computer games, your child can benefit from these.

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Virtual Drawing and Art Activity

Drawing and art is a great activity to do. This not only develops academic skills but also overall speech and cognitive skills. Also, coloring books can get boring often. So, get started with virtual drawing boards. Hence, simply go online and search for online drawing or coloring games. Encourage your child to paint, color, draw, and design. Make the activity interactive by playing with online participants.

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Online Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt or I-Spy games are interactive and fun. Simply search for a scavenger hunt game for kids online and get started. Further, sit with your child and discuss things found. Furthermore, encourage him/her to ask questions. Problem-solving and thinking skills can also be developed. You can also play this game at home or in your garden.

Show and Tell

This game is great for young kids. If your child is in his/ her online class. Further, you can encourage your child to bring some of his/her toys/ items. Furthermore, show and tell a few things about each item. Moreover, this builds confidence, speech skills, and peer interaction. Additionally, he/she can get few toys. Talk about each of them. Virtual classes can be made fun too. Simply by engaging with real toys. Use hand puppets to make it fun.

Watch and Learn

YouTube is everyone’s favorite. Why not make it meaningful for kids? Further, play watch, and learn videos on YouTube. Additionally, encourage your little one to watch and do fun activities. Furthermore, you can play simple science experiments and do them hands-on with your kid. So, your kid is learning and is playing! Isn’t it great!

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