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Tips to Motivate Your Child for Speech Therapy

Tips to Motivate Your Child for Speech Therapy

All of us need the motivation to move forward in life! Nonetheless, Speech Therapy is not fun and games always. It is hard work for a child too! Moreover, therapy sessions can be challenging for kids. Despite the digital games, activities, many times kids resist Speech Therapy sessions. So, here are some tips to motivate your child for Speech Therapy.

Speech Therapy includes goals to achieve. At the end of the class, we want our child to learn a skill. Further, learning to communicate is hard work for kids. Hence, motivate them internally for classes. Furthermore, kids will be interested to come for classes. Therefore, how to get them to be naturally motivated? Read on!

Tips to Motivate Your Child for Speech Therapy

  1. Pick The Right Time of The Day!

Choose your speech therapy time wisely! Speech Therapy sessions are at your ease. Hence, pick the right time of the day for your child. In other words, pick an hour when your kid is in his best mood. An early morning time after breakfast will be the ideal choice. If your child is at school, pick a time in the evening. Especially, when he/she has relaxed after school. Furthermore, always stick to the same time and days for speech classes. So, your child is aware of the timetable.

Do not pick a time when you know it will clash when his/her nap or playtime. Kids get tired by late evening so, stick to an early session timing. If your child is in a play or sports group. Choose a day when he/she is relatively free.

  1. Prepare Your Child in Advance

This is one thing, we often miss out on doing. Prepare your child well in time for his/her speech class. In other words, the day before or in the morning tells your child about his/her upcoming session. So, the kids are well aware and mentally ready for a session.

Do not unexpectedly tell them they have a session. During playtime, if you tell them they have a class. It surprises them. So, prepare them in advance.

  1. Discuss Activities for the Next Session

We have to set clear expectations with kids. Talk to your therapist. Further, ask what activities will be done in the upcoming session. Likewise, you can be well set so will your child. Also, orient your child about the activities that will be done. Moreover, talk to them about what he/she is expected to do. Draw out a chart of the tasks that will be done. Hence. Your child will be ready and aware of what he/she needs to do in class.

  1. Give Rewards and Praise your Child

Positive comments go a long way! It is crucial that you reward your child. Prior to class and during the session, praise your child. Make him/her feel you are happy. Specifically, with the work, they are doing. Further, even if it means just sitting and following the therapists’ directions. Use motivators such as reward charts, hugs, edible rewards like candy or cookies. Additionally, follow the reward frequency that your therapist advises. After the session, make sure you talk to your child about how proud you feel. I fact, kids need to know that you are proud and happy about them. It motivates them to do better. Praise your child even during speech homework.

Use some phrases like:

“I am proud of you!”

“You’re working hard and I see it”

“I know you can do it! Let’s keep going”

“Mommy knows you’re doing your best”

“I am happy that you are trying”

  1. Give Them Breaks

During the session, make sure your therapist gives movement breaks to your child. No kid can sit on a chair for a long time. So, include some breaks with movement. Every few minutes, add an activity such as jumping or walking. Dance and move around during breaks.


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