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Top Misconceptions About Teletherapy

Top Misconceptions About Teletherapy

Teletherapy has been there for years. Further, people all over the world have been using it. Additionally, there are many government tele set-ups. Furthermore, this is because not all have access to a physical hospital. Also, the whole world has moved to virtual work. Why are people trusting online services? Very simple, it is easy, convenient and cost-effective. Therefore, online therapy has many benefits. Hence, people have been taking services online. Thus, in this blog, we will talk about the top misconceptions about Teletherapy.

Over the years, myths about teletherapy have grown. There are claims that online therapy is not useful. Did you hear them too? So, read on to know the top misconceptions about Teletherapy.

  1. Teletherapy is not effective

You sure have heard it is not effective. However, many studies have proven this wrong. Labs are seeing results of therapy from in-person and online. Most studies say there is no difference. Evidence-based research backs this too. Additionally, scientists say it gives good results. In other words, it has the same benefits as in-person services. Especially for speech and occupational therapy. Similarly, for medical advice too. The effectiveness of any therapy depends on many factors. Be it in-person or virtual, progress seen varies with people.

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  1. Teletherapy is not secure

Taking services online is of concern for all of us. Hence, there are government laws in place. Further, this is to protect us all. Additionally, at 1SpecialPlace it is our top priority. We use a safe video conferencing platform. It is a standard and safe mode for online services. This is to protect everyone’s privacy. So, don’t worry. We care for you!

  1. Teletherapy is only learning virtually 

Surely not! Teletherapy is not just screen time. Yes, it is virtual but with a twist. At 1SpecialPlace we do many activities. We keep a balance of digital and hands-on tasks. We do parent-directed activities too. For young kids, we include interactive games. Activities center around movement-based, self-learning, and online speech games. One-to-one real-time tasks are a must. This is to keep the child and adult engaged in the class. Digital content such as videos and software for speech are used. In addition, physical tasks are included.

  1. Teletherapy is for people with attention skills

Wrong! Teletherapy is for all. It does not need any special skill. Kids and adults with special needs can benefit. Teletherapy is for young kids to older adults. Tele sessions benefit all. It has shown results for adults with speech disorders too. Kids with ADHD, Autism and speech delays have shown good progress. Adults post-stroke also are showing progress. If you are thinking how will a child pay attention to the screen? You are right! This is where the therapists guide parents. To do the activities in real-time. In every speech therapy session, parent participation is a must. So, it is the same in online therapy.

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  1. Teletherapy needs special devices

No! All you need isa laptop. Further, like a laptop/ mobile with a camera. High-speed internet is also needed. Most of us have a device and the internet. That’s all you need for online therapy. Online therapy is very easy to access. Even if you are travelling or at home. You can access online classes. All you need to do is log in with good internet. The technology of 4G and 5G internet is available at low prices. Speed of the internet is crucial in online therapy. Internet speed is needed so that you can see and hear clearly. Don’t we all have internet? So, no more paying to travel to get o therapy. You can get it at home. You need to only click a button. Then you are set.

Do not let these myths stop you from trying to do something new! It may seem online sessions are new to the world. But it surely not so. So, do not let these myths stop you from getting access to therapy. Keep in mind early intervention is crucial. Do not miss out on the critical time period. Especially when you can get access to therapy at home. Progress is faster when you intervene early. Time is precious so is your loved one. Do not let the myths stop you from getting the best help. Read further to contact us today.


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