Best websites for Special Education

Best websites for Special Education

Best websites for Special Education

This blog talks about the best websites for Special Education. Technology drives everyone today. Kids want to learn from digital content. Digital learning apps are also very popular today. Helping kids with special needs is important. There are many websites available for them.  These websites are bridging the gap. These websites benefit kids with special needs.

Here is a list of best websites for Special Education –

1SpecialPlace is India’s leading online special education service provider. Its feature include –

  • it offers holistic online programs.
  • trained and experienced special educators to teach
  • You can take the classes from home via the internet.
  •  meet your child’s academic goals with ease.
  • The personalized teaching programs are loved by parents.
  • Resources and  worksheets are also provided
  • blogs and expert info are also provided.
  • One-to-one live sessions with guidance are also  given.
  • Learning is fun at 1SpecialPlace

If you are looking for an online program for your child’s academics, then 1SpecialPlace is the best option!


This website is great for kids with special needs.  They also have materials for professionals working with them. Do2learn is easy to use.  It breaks the resources into smaller parts. They allow the user to learn at their pace. They also provide many ways to learn, such as audio and visual.  it makes learning fun. It includes the following –

  • free pages on social skill activities.
  • it also provides learning songs and games.
  • academic materials are also included.
  • hands on activities within each topic.
  • materials on behavior management plan.
  • teaching tools are also included to create lessons.

This platform is for teachers and parents. It has materials for different levels. It serves the special needs children also.  Go to the Teacherspayteachers and make an account. Type the materials you need. There are both free and paid resources. It has a variety of materials on the same topic. This allows one to choose the materials as per their need. It also  provides the following –

  • easy to use digital tools
  • resources on social learning
  • matter on emotional learning are also available
  • material for reading and writing
  • resources on learning concepts are also available

Special needs children have different levels and abilities. IXL  provides K-12 syllabus. It has to be subscribed. The website is easy to use. It has more than 8500 skills in all core subjects. This thereby allows teachers to assign skills from any level.  It provides comprehensive skills for each grade. They make learning easy. The website also offers the following-

  • enables children to learn at their own pace.
  • they have a range of questions
  • their practice sessions are engaging
  • it also enables all types of learners to reach their full potential.
  • this also  supports multi – sensory instruction
  • its audio support helps students with dyslexia work on their own.
  • IXL skills adapts to the child’s level of understanding. This helps them to learn and grow.


Gingertiger serves special needs children. It has activities designed for them.  They aim to help children learn and also retain it.  It has simple games.  They have low stimulation screen design. It also has options to select the background or foreground color.  They have option to make the cursor big and small.  This is great for children visual problems. It is also suitable for individuals of any age. Its features are –

  • Its activities are available anywhere and anytime.
  • Their activities also target skills such as cause and effect.
  • It also includes activities on speech and language.
  • Their games and activities are in increasing order of difficulty.
  • This allows the teacher to teach in controlled steps.
  • It also helps the child to practice skills according to their abilities.
  • Its games provide immediate feedback.


This website is filled with free materials. These can be used at schools. They can also be used for home practice. It allows the child to practice an incorrect method repeatedly. They also welcome suggestions for new topics. It covers concepts such as addition and geometry. They also cover mental math and division. It breaks each concept into sub – concepts. This further breaks the sub concept into specific skill sets.  Users can also look for materials by grade level.  It provides a small over view of the skills with example.  This also includes a practice game. It also includes the following –

  • It does not require registration to practice the skills.
  • Interactive learning experience through games are also provided.
  • Activities are also in  increasing order of difficulty.
  • It also provides instant feedback. This prevents to learn incorrect methods.
  • It makes math  lessons fun.

It provides a variety of resources for special needs. These can be used within regular classrooms. It can also be used in special settings. Twinkl resources support children across their learning. All their resources are teacher – made. It makes learning accessible to all. They also provide training materials for staff. They also take requests. If you like a post, you can ask for a different version of it to suit your needs.  Its features are as follows –

  • it provides materials for all kinds of disabilities.
  • there are resources on social learning
  • also includes learning materials
  • it also has materials on emotional difficulties
  • materials on mental heath are also there
  • their resources support the assessment and growth of the child.

Boomlearning is for teachers and students. They has easy to use materials. Its website is also easy to use. It also serves the special needs children.  They have cards called the Boom Deck. It is game based.  Their cards have multiple choices and open ended answers. They also have movable pieces and clickable buttons. The cards cover almost all grade level and  subjects. Cards can be assigned as per the ability and level of the child.  It can be used on the browser. The app may also be downloaded. It includes free resources as well. They have resources for a variety of disabilities.  Go to the website and make an account.  Its materials also have audio and voice – over.  Its features are as follows –

  • materials for all grade levels
  • materials on social and emotional learning.
  • resource for speech and language practice
  • it has easy to use digital tools
  • they provide immediate feedback
  • it makes learning fun

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