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Virtual Versus In-Person Speech Therapy: Myths and Facts

Virtual Versus In-Person Speech Therapy: Myths and Facts

Virtual Versus In-Person Speech Therapy- Speech Therapy is very crucial for kids and adults. Especially for those with a speech disorder. Hence, working with a Speech-Language Therapist is strongly advised. In other words, the therapist will help to overcome these issues.  Additionally, one-to-one therapy sessions gives great benefits.

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Many of us believe that Speech Therapy is only accessible at the therapy center. Today, with the progress in technology. The world is moving fast. Online Speech Therapy is popular. We will be talking about Virtual Versus In-Person Speech Therapy: Myths and Facts. So, read on.

  1. Virtual Therapy is different from In-Person Speech Therapy: Myth

Any kind of Speech Therapy is done by a qualified Speech Therapist. Virtual sessions are just like in-person classes. In addition to hands-on activities, digital games are included. It is the same as in-person Speech Therapy. Group speech sessions are a lot of fun. Kids and adults meet online comfortably. Additionally, group therapy provides unique chances to interact. Socialization skills improve. Similarly, it benefits autistic kids. It makes them confident to speak.

  1. In-Person Speech Therapy is more beneficial: Myth

Several studies and research have proven this false. Time and again this is proved. Every day scientists say that any type of therapy is of benefit. In-person and virtual speech therapy give similar progress. Therapy outcomes for kids and adults are positive in both modes. In fact, virtual sessions have a comfortable environment. This adds to the child’s progress in sessions. Adults also feel safe. Anxiety is less when we meet online. So, online speech sessions are more comfortable. Also, keep in mind progress depends on many factors.

  1. Virtual Therapy is not engaging as In-Person: Myth

Virtual speech therapy is in fact more fun! The sessions have interactive activities. Movement tasks and much more. Virtual therapists use high-end technology. This is to keep the child engaged. It is not all games and videos. Specially designed speech and language software are used. In addition, arts, crafts, paper worksheets, and toys are used.

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  1. Online Therapy is for certain disorders: Myth

Virtual speech therapy is for all disorders. It is for both adults and kids. Kids with speech delays, autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, fluency, and speech clarity issues benefit. Additionally, adults with aphasia, dementia, stuttering, voice issues are treated. Virtual sessions do not have any criteria. It is for all people. Just like in-person sessions. Any disorder can be treated.

Further, keep in mind that swallowing disorders may require caution. Not all swallowing issues can be treated online. Caution needs to be exercised here. Contact your therapist to check what suits you best in this case.

  1. Virtual sessions are not cost-effective: Myth

Virtual speech therapy is cost-effective. All you need is a laptop and internet. Most of us have access to the internet. Whereas going to an in-person clinic visit has travel costs. Managing time for online sessions is easy. Similarly, virtual sessions can be scheduled around your day. Based on your everyday time schedule. Take your session and be stress-free. No need to pay for travel. Digital content used in therapy saves costs. You can teach at home using online content. No need to buy expensive therapy devices. So, surely online speech therapy cuts costs.

  1. Virtual sessions are easy to access: Fact

Of course, this is a fact! Get speech therapy sessions from home. Even if you are traveling or on a trip. You can take your sessions. Anywhere and anytime. No more taking the time out. No need to travel to a clinic. Speech therapy from the comfort of your home. This is of great benefit for adults and young kids. A familiar environment gives better progress. Since the child feels safe at home. He/ she will interact better. In fact for adults with stroke, virtual sessions are safe. They do not need to be moved around to a center. They can take therapy from their most comfortable place. For the elderly also virtual therapy is great. They no longer need to get ready to go outside. They can be comfortable where they are. Take the class at home.

     7. Virtual sessions offer better regularity: Fact

Online sessions offer regularity. In other words, no more missing classes. Be it the weather or unforeseen events.  Similarly, reschedule anytime and be consistent. Further, we know regularity is crucial. Regular sessions will add to the progress. Further, your loved one will benefit. Furthermore, regular classes are a must. Be regular and get progress.

     8. Virtual sessions protect privacy: Fact

Privacy is of utmost importance. Especially, when we are not confident with our communication. Access speech classes with privacy. Further, be it speech clarity, stuttering, voice issues, and speech delays access therapy at home. Additionally, no need to step out. You do not have to explain to anyone. If you are not comfortable meeting people. Virtual sessions are great for you. So, speak confidently with speech therapy.

  1. Virtual sessions improve therapist- caregiver interaction: Fact

Yes! You can witness the progress in the session. Observation of the session is first-hand. Interact with the therapist. Discuss issues when you want. You will be aware of the therapy tasks. This will also give you more confidence. Especially to look forward to the progress. Hence, you can witness the strategies being done. Also, use them at home easily. Learn in the session. Carry it forward in all settings. It will be easy for you to do the tasks at home. Observe in session and do it at home. Following the therapist, instructions are also easy. You can clear any doubts in the class. Software to monitor progress is also used. So, you know the progress is quantified. This makes it easy to do reviews. Goals can be changed and modified.

  1. Virtual sessions reduce risk of illness: Fact

In today’s world, there is a risk of illness. Anywhere you go, we are all worried! Infection can spread through contact and surfaces. Virtual sessions eliminate this issue. Home is the safest place to be. Virtual sessions keep you safe from illness. No need to touch surfaces in public places. We come in contact with many people at the clinic. This is not the case in an online session. No contact speech therapy is the new norm. This makes sure we are all safe. We are infection-free because we have less contact with outside. This is of concern for elders and young kids. Especially those with special needs. Your loved one can be safe. You can worry less. So, stay healthy and safe with online speech therapy.


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