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Improving Writing in Toddlers

Improving Writing in Toddlers

In this blog, we will talk about improving writing in toddlers. Further, writing is a complex task. In order of learning, it is the last one to develop. Similarly, writing is a process of communicating ideas using letters and numbers.

Prerequisite skills for developing writing in toddlers

 The pre-requisite skills for developing writing in toddlers are:

  • Firstly, eye-hand coordination

  • Secondly, motor skills ( small muscle development  – fine motor & upper body strength – gross motor)

  • Thirdly, ability to hold the writing tool

  • Lastly, ability to form basic strokes and lines

What are the red flags in the development of writing?

The following are red flags:

  • pencil grasp is inappropriate

  • incorrect position of the notebook while writing

  • difficulty in controlling the writing tool to write, color or draw

  • difficulty in handling or manipulating objects using fingers

  • weak upper body strength

  • display of illegible or slow handwriting

  • shows reluctance toward writing activities

  • the pressure of the writing tool may be too light or dark

  • poor eye-hand coordination

  • writing skills don’t reflect the confidence exhibited in verbal skills

  • difficulty synchronizing both hands together for two-handed occupation

Activities to improve writing in toddlers:

Strategy 1:

  • Keep the book at an angle of 45 degrees to the edge of the table. Further,  for the child to write easily.

  • Spacing between words or letters is often inappropriate. Sometimes the spacing is too large or there is no space at all. If the spacing between words or letters is too much, boxes should be drawn to encourage them to write within the given space.

Strategy 2:

  • It is important for the toddlers to learn the correct formation of alphabets and numerals, i.e its correct shape, size, and form. Arrows can be drawn when tracing the alphabet or numerals. This will help them know the direction in which the writing tool ought to move.

  • Gross motor development is crucial for writing. Outdoor play is very essential for toddlers to help develop their upper body strength. Jumping, running, and swinging are just a few of the pursuits that help them in their overall gross motor development. A few others include playing catch with a ball, tug of war, use of equipment in the playground like monkey bars and ropes, opening and closing jars, pouring water from the pitcher into several glasses, and playing with a yo-yo.

Strategy 3:

  • Activities such as paper collage, playing puzzles, play dough activities. Further, playing with blocks, painting with q – tips, cup stacking. Additionally, coloring, tracing, dot joining, separation of buttons/pulses, bead threading, making pasta necklace. Also, cutting with scissors help in the development of small muscles in the hands. Hence, promoting fine motor development. Furthermore, they also enhance eye-hand coordination. Also, help in the development of a proper pencil grip i.e, the tripod grip.

  • Ditch the pencil and paper. Instead, give toddlers different sensory experiences. Simply take a tray with edges on all four sides. Fill them with sand, rice, salt, or sugar. Encourage children to write on it. Chalk and slate, sandpaper, and clay can be used.

Strategy 4:

  • Children hold the pencil too close to the tip or too far away. Use Pencil grips you get in the market. Other solutions are using a rubber band or clay dough on the pencil.

  • The pressure of the child’s writing may be more or less. For light pressure, make them use darker colored pencils. In case it is too deep, bubble paper or handkerchiefs may be used under the page of the book.

Strategy 5:

  • For issues in bilateral coordination and sloppy posture. Seek occupational therapy.


The above activities and solutions are easy, fun, and engaging. In other words, they will surley benefit your toddler. Hope these tips on Improving Writing in Toddlers helped.


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