Voice Care Tips Post COVID-19

Voice Care Tips Post COVID-19

Today, we are talking all about Voice Care Tips Post COVID-19 infection. The COVID-19 virus has brought along many complications with it. Further, every day scientists are seeing newer symptoms in patients with COVID-19. Additionally, one such issue that is getting attention is voice problems post-infection.

Why does Voice change post-COVID-19?

Voice is produced by the vocal cords. Further, vocal cords are also named voice box. It is the primary organ that helps us to speak. In other words, the air from the lungs pushes against the vocal cords. Then this makes the cords vibrate. This further helps to produce the voice.

COVID-19 is an upper respiratory tract infection. It has signs of coughing, flu, and cold. Persistent coughing forcefully brings the vocal cords together. Further, this causes vocal cord swelling. In other words, when the cords are swollen it makes them stiff.

Hence, this makes you sound hoarse. Often the complete loss of voice is seen. Some patients who undergo intubation or are on a ventilator due to COVID-19 show more severe voice issues. Steroids used in the treatment of COVID-19 also affect voice quality.

What voice changes are seen?

Here are some voice issues that are seen post-COVID-19:

  1. Mild to Severe Voice Loss
  2. Change in voice quality
  3. Low voice output
  4. Pitch variations
  5. Breathless when talking
  6. Hoarseness
  7. Strained Voice
  8. Aphonia
  9. Asthma with Voice production
  10. Swallowing difficulties

Seek immediate consultation from your ENT doctor or Speech Therapist if you have any of the above-listed symptoms.

What is Voice Care Tips Post COVID-19?

Below are some tips for you to take care of your voice during and post COVID-19 infection.

Do’s of Voice Care:

  1. Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water. In other words, 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day.

  1. Steam Inhalation:

Steam inhalation is very good for COVID-19 symptoms. Take warm steam inhalation at least twice a day. Further, it reduces swelling in the vocal cords and gives relief from cough.

  1. Voice Rest:

Take care of your voice during and post COVID-19. Additionally, use your voice only when needed. Take voice breaks often during the day. Set aside a complete voice rest time.

  1. Consume warm fluids:

Consuming warm food and fluids helps in healing the vocal cords. Further, it fights infection. Additionally, follow the diet advised keeping your acid reflux low.

  1. Speak softly and slowly:

Speak softly but do not whisper. If your voice sounds weak, try to speak softly. Make shorter phrases while talking.

Don’ts of Voice Care:

  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  2. Try avoiding smoking
  3. Do not overuse your voice
  4. Don’t clear your throat
  5. Mimicking and long telephone talk is a big no
  6. Shouting/ Screaming should be avoided
  7. Whispering is not advised
  8. Do not sing until the voice is normal
  9. Don’t talk in noisy situations
  10. Take steroids and medications on doctors’ advice only.

When to consult a professional?

You should consult an ENT doctor or a Speech Therapist if your voice does not return to normal. Additionally, wait for 6-8 weeks post COVID-19 infection. Moreover, if you feel any swallowing issues along with voice issues seek urgent advice. The sooner you find help, the faster the progress will be.

Your doctor will advise medicines or voice therapy or a combination of the two.

Remember to seek immediate action if you’re experiencing any of the above issues.


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