Spectrum of Hope – The Special Mom

Spectrum of Hope – The Special Mom

Today, we are chatting with Ms. Kreeti Mitra Bhatia the founder of “The Special Mom” page. She is an awesome Auti-Mom as she aptly calls herself. She is a mother to two beautiful children. Her firstborn child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and this began her journey as one special mom. Here are a few excerpts from our conversation.

Picture: Ms. Kreeti with her two children

Q. Share with us your journey of creating “The Special Mom” page?

I thought to myself that there must be many mothers just like me out there. This gave me the idea to launch a caregiver support group. I went on to create a platform for other mothers with special needs children to be there for each other. I realized that it is imperative to create a strong community of fellow mothers. This is not to educate each other but to lend that patient ear and crying shoulder. The Special Mom was born at midnight of March in 2019.

Q. What motivated you to launch the page “The Special Mom”? 

The idea to form a community came from the pain of another mother of a special child. “That mother poisoned her child, and then killed herself. The news disturbed me to no end. I have lived and felt that pain over the years and could relate to what that mother would have been through to have taken that drastic step.

Q. What does the platform offer for Special Mothers?

The Special Mom is a safe space where mothers of children with special needs vent out their thoughts & feelings without any hesitation. It is a place to have fun, cry, talk your heart out, let your hair down, and then walk ahead with renewed vigor. Before pandemic struck, these wonderful women met once a month and those few moments of zaniness energized and prepared them to face their daily struggles. It is also a source of drawing strength from each other and working towards their common goal of raising happy children with special needs. Adding that the best way to deal with stress and manage it is to talk about it. This platform does precisely that. This platform innovated completely the approach towards special need parenting and is constantly curating important programs to empower the parents, especially the mothers.

Q. What are some of the programs that “The Special Mom” has conducted?

In this pandemic, The Special Mom successfully rolled out online programs to tackle the daily challenges and saw close to 170 parents attending every program. We forayed into building “Samaavesh” meaning inclusion, to showcase the brilliance of their children. This platform is created especially to exhibit various talents of the children and help them find their niche, thus paving the way for their independence and invite collaborations. The platform has successfully launched a dad-only exclusive WhatsApp group as well. And along with this, it’s running specific interest groups across WhatsApp & Telegram for parents & caregivers. The community has grown to 5000+ members across all platforms and is one of the fastest-growing online parent support communities.

Q. What is the plan for “The Special Mom” platform?

I dream of a future where everyone is co-existing with happiness, understanding & acceptance. My next goal is inclusion & acceptance of all the children thus helping the future generation of people to live in a beautiful world where special needs children are understood and welcomed. I am grateful to my mentors, friends & family for their strength and support. The Special Mom is constantly striving to uplift and empower families and has lots of activities planned for 2021-22.

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