Tips for success during distance Learning

This blog talks about tips for success during distance learning. COVID – 19 has brought about a significant change in our lives. All of us have been and are still trying to cope and adapt with the new way of life it has imposed on us. A major adaptation has been for students who have been left with no choice but to make their homes their abode of learning. Laptops are the new classrooms and emojis are the new way of greeting each other. But as we all know ‘Change is the only constant’. The students have adapted to it this transition in no time. Learning knows no barriers. Yet, all of us sometimes struggle to keep up with this change, missing the traditional classroom set – up in schools, our friends, the library and everything about how we used to study and learn prior to COVID – 19.


Here are a few tips for success during distance learning –

  1. Make and follow a routine – Routines help bring structure in our lives. It enables us to stay organized, plan our activities and make optimum utilization of time.  So make a routine for yourself, pacing out the activities you wish to do and remember to incorporate recreation activities to unwind yourself on a daily basis.

  2. Make a study corner – Just like we have assigned seats in our classroom, make a designated spot for your study in the house, preferably near a window to get fresh air. It should be quiet corner in the house where you are not disturbed while studying on your own or during online classes. Keep the study table clutter free and neat, dusting it on a regular basis. You can keep a print of your routine, a to -do list, pen stand, a small plant and anything that you like, making it a happy corner in your house.

  3. Limit use of phone – Well all of us fall prey to using phones anytime of the day. But we must refrain from doing it while studying. Make a spot in your house where you keep your phone while studying, preferably in a room other than you study. This helps you stay focused and you will not be enticed to use it. It also keeps a tab on your screen time. You may also switch off your phone or put it on silent and away from you. Choose and see what works best for you!

  4. Explore the technology – We are all using different online platforms for studying such as Zoom, Google classrooms, Teams and the like. Explore these platforms in advance, discovering its various features and aspects. This will make the learning process easier.

  5. Be punctual – We must ensure we attend our classes on time and with sincerity. Before the start of any class, check if the laptop needs charging, make sure the wifi is on, be ready with any notebooks and pen if needed and log in two minutes prior to the scheduled class.

  6. Exercise regularly – As we all know, a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. We must exercise on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise not only reduces stress but also stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators.

  7. Complete assignments on time – Keep a tab of the assignments given to you for submission. Have a calendar on your study table or post – its with the submission schedule if that helps. Complete each assignment and put a tick on the check – list. This helps you stay abreast with the work given. End moment submissions also take a toll on the quality of work.

  8. Make a study schedule – Keep the school or college planner handy with you all the time. A print of the exam schedules may also be put up on your study table. The best way to go about the study schedule is to revise the work done on a particular day that day itself. It helps in better retention of the topic. An added advantage is if concepts are unclear, you may rectify your doubts immediately. This also reduces the pressure of studying the various topics taught in each subject as you procrastinate.

  9. Talk to your friends – Talking to friends is as important as studying. Share your thoughts and feelings with them. You can also make small study groups to keep each other motivated.

  10. Take a break – We are all familiar with the saying – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Thus, it is important for us to have a study and recreation balance. Take out time each day for your hobbies, listen to music, go for a walk, read books, cook, clean your cupboard or do just about any thing that makes you happy.

  11. Go easy on yourself – We often set unrealistic standards for ourselves and are harsh when unable to meet those expectations. But we must remember, we are living in challenging times and it is okay for all of us to falter in our efforts sometimes. The important thing is to keep going!

  12. Communicate – We often have doubts about the topics or concepts taught. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your teachers. Since we are studying online, network glitches also hinder our learning process. It is important for you to communicate with them and clarify your queries.

These tips will pave the way for success during distance learning!!

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