Activities for pre-school kids with special needs

Activities for pre-school kids with special needs

Activities for pre-school kids with special needs

This blog talks about activities for pre-school kids with special needs. Pre-school activities not only have learning value. They also consist of  a wealth of skill development. They promote learning through play. It also aims at the child’s holistic development.

1. Simon Says –

All of us have played Simon Says while growing up. This game is easy and fun. It improves focused attention. This works on the child’s ability to comprehend and follow instructions. It develops sportsmanship. The child also becomes aware of their body.

2. Up in the air

This game is super fun and easy to play. All you need is a balloon. The child keeps the balloon up till the time the music is on. He has to  hold it in his hand once the music stops. This game works on the child’s attention and listening. It also improves his gross motor skills.

3. Paper collage

This activity improves the child’s fine motor skills. Eye – hand coordination and creativity enhances.

4. Guess what is missing

This task involves showing the kids three or four items they are familiar with. One thing from this stack has to be then removed. The child then guesses which object has been removed. This task helps improve the child’s attention. It also enhances their memory and visual learning.Vocabulary and problem solving skills are also worked upon.

5. Action songs and rhymes

Children enjoy action songs and rhymes. They involve movement and music. This boosts their motor development. Their language and listening skills also improve. Also, their ability to follow instructions refines. It also enhances their social skills.

6. I Spy

These are interactive activities for pre-school kids with special needs. Here, the child has to guess the object that you describe. This works on the child’s focused attention. Listening ability refines. It enhances visual discrimination. Their working memory and visual learning improve. Turn taking and social skills are learnt.

7. What’s in the sock

Keep an object the child is familiar with inside the sock. Allow him/her to put their hand inside and feel it. They finally have to guess the name of the object. This aids the child’s focused attention. Memory improves. It also enhances their language. Their awareness of the environment is also magnified. It also boosts their confidence.

8. Puppet play

Playing with puppets boosts the child’s imagination.It encourages development of language. Their listening skills magnify. It teaches them about emotions and social skills. It also works on their memory and visual learning.

9. Storytelling

Children absolutely love listening to stories. It arouses their interest. Sequential memory improves. They develop the ability to ask questions. It aids in their language development. Vocabulary is improved. Auditory skills also enhance.

10. Block building

It provides a useful learning experience through play.  This helps the child to recognize shapes and colors. It works on their problem solving and reasoning skills. This enables them to express themselves. Their imagination and creativity is also magnified. It also works on their motor skills. Eye – hand coordination improves.

11. Puzzles

These are fun learning pursuits for kids. Benefit includes improved fine motor skills. Attention and concentration also improves. They recognize shapes and colors. Their problem solving skills become better. Memory also boosts.

12. Outdoor play

The benefits of outdoor play is limitless. This aids in physical and mental development.  It also promotes discipline in them. Social skills such as turn taking and following rules are fostered. This encourages gross and fine motor development. Eye-hand coordination also improves. It enhances awareness of their body and the environment.

13. Sensory tables

They provide a wealth of benefits to children. Tracing on the sand, playing with water and the like are a few sensory experiences. This helps them know about different textures. It also calms them down.

14. Scavenger Hunt

These are  engaging activities for pre-school kids with special needs. It can be played indoors or outdoors. Simply ask the children to collect a few things they can recognize. This not only boosts their memory, but also their problem solving skills. It improves their attention and concentration. It enhances visual learning and motor skills.

15. Circle time

This is an effective way to teach different concepts. Their social skills are enhanced. It improves their listening skills. This instills a sense of routine in the kids. Their cognitive development is magnified. Readiness to attend school  enhances.


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  • shannon colclough

    These are some really great games that we use to play as a child. Thanks for sharing.

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