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Voice Therapy to Deepen Voice

We all have our own ideas about changing our personalities to match our social roles. Similarly, for some of us, how we sound and speak is of utmost importance. Today, we will be talking about voice therapy to deepen the voice. Most, actors and personalities on television have a deep voice. This is because it appeals more to the listener. Not everyone has a naturally deep voice. So, what do they do? These individuals practice voice therapy to deepen their voice.

The Human Voice:

Our voice changes as we age. This is something we have all experienced. As we grow older our vocal muscles and structure change and develops. Additionally, these changes bring about changes in voice quality. Around the time of puberty, due to the hormonal changes, women’s and men’s voices seem to change. Usually, a woman’s voice remains the same at a high pitch. Further, for a man/ male child, the voice changes to a low pitch or a deep voice.

What happens when the male voice does not deepen?

As mentioned above, around puberty male pitch changes to a low pitch. Thus, this gives a deep voice quality to a man. But, for certain men, this change does not occur and it causes puberphonia or remains at a high pitch. Puberphonia is when a male voice sounds feminine due to the high pitch. Do you know someone with puberphonia or a high-pitched voice? Voice Therapy is the go-to solution to deepen your voice to achieve that low pitch.

What is Deep Voice?

Voice is produced by our vocal cords. The thickness and length of our vocal cords regulate our voice. That is why every person has a unique voice assigned to them. Most people, especially men want to achieve a low pitched voice or deep voice. This is because it sounds very attractive and gives good face value to their social image. A deep voice is low-pitched, sounds soft and gentle to the listener.

What are the Benefits of Deep Voice?

Here are some of the several benefits of a deep voice.

  • A deep voice gives your personality a masculine touch
  • It projects the person to have a stronger and confident personality
  • This voice can open better career opportunities
  • Makes you more persuasive and influential in your social circle
  • It is known to improve the quality of your speech

Most, politicians, public speakers, actors go through voice therapy to deepen their voices.

Can you Achieve Deep Voice?

There is no shortcut to achieving anything in this world. Especially, when it is about our body and physical qualities.  Training for deep voice takes several months and years in most cases. It is not as simple as watching an online video and getting the desirable results. In fact, doing voice exercises by yourself can do more damage than good. You should also know, that these changes are only temporary.

Hence, it is very crucial that you always consult a professional voice therapist to achieve that deep desirable voice quality.


What is Voice Therapy to Deepen Voice?

It is where a professional voice therapist will guide and monitor you to achieve that desirable voice quality. During the sessions, your clinician will first run a series of tests to assess your natural voice quality. Then, followed by a detailed discussion on the type of voice you would like to achieve. Afterward, your clinician will plan a detailed therapy program to guide you for the same.

What is the Voice Therapy Program Outline?

Here are some activities that will be a part of your voice therapy program for deep voice.

  • Analyzing the optimal pitch and tone of voice.
  • Posture fixing for desirable voice projection
  • Breathing activities to achieve good breath support
  • Vocal muscle strength training
  • Voice quality training including loudness and pitch
  • Inflection and overall speech quality training

How long will it take?

The time taken to achieve a desirable voice depends on the person and their vocal system. Mostly, it takes from several weeks to several months to get the results. Consistency and perseverance are crucial to get good results from voice therapy.

Points to Remember:

  • Voice Therapy for deep voice is a slow process.
  • Results will be achieved post several weeks of regular training
  • Consistent and professional guidance can help you get good results
  • Overdoing voice therapy exercises may cause harm
  • Similarly, following online advice may cause damage to your voice
  • Always, consult a professional for guidance


Note: Seek immediate consultation with an ENT or a Speech-Language Therapist if you have any voice issues.

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