Everyday Items as Speech Toys: Bill Receipts

Are you running out of speech games for your kids? Today, we will share some activities for everyday items as speech toys: bill receipts. Bill receipts are something we all have! I am sure most of our wallets and purses are filled with bill receipts. Why not use them? This activity can be done anywhere and anytime because all you need is a bill receipt.

Everyday Items as Speech Toys: Bill Receipts

  1. Guess and speak!

To play this game, pick up a bill receipt and help your child guess what item is there. For example, you can say “I bought something that is crunchy”. Encourage your child to guess the item. Reward them for the right answer. You can ask indirect questions for each item on the list and give clues when required.

  1. Listen and pick up!

This is a great game to improve the listening skills of your child. Take your bill receipt and read each item on the list. Direct your child to pick up the item he/she heard from the shopping bag. You can say, “Pick up milk”, “Pick up sugar” etc., Encourage and reward your child for picking up the right items.

  1. Inferencing for speech

Teaching understanding and judging is a higher language skill. You can play this game with your adolescent. To do this, pick up a bill receipt and ask your child simple questions. For example, here are some questions.

  • Can you guess where did I go?
  • Guess what time did I go?
  • Who do you think I went with?
  • What did I buy?
  • What items did we need at home?
  1. Teaching categories

Bill receipts and groceries are great to teach categories to our children. Grab a bill receipt. Ask your child to highlight with a sketch all the fruits with red color, everyday objects in blue color, and so on.

Another way to do this activity is to read out fruits. Encourage your child has to only pick out all the fruits from the shopping bag. This way your child can learn about different categories and you can also make the game fun by adding a timer.

  1. Story recall

This is a fun game to play. I am sure, most of our children have read stories. For this activity, you can begin by asking your child, “what do you think batman would buy at the store” and so on. You can use various story characters. This game will enhance memory and help in story recall.


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