Joining in - A social story

Joining in – A social story

Joining in – A social story
A social story social story 2

A social story

“Neel, Indu, time for dinner”, mamma said.

Neel and Indu were watching their favorite television show.

“Come on over guys, the food will get cold”, dad said.

After a little hesitation, both Neel and Indu came and took their places in front of the dining table.

The plates were neatly arranged. A glass of water and a spoon was kept on the side of each of their plates. Mom served them roti and gravy.

All four of them recited their prayers and sat down in their places to have their dinner.

“So, I watched this movie Brave, and guess what happens, the queen gets transformed into a bear”, said Indu starting a conversation.

“Interesting, how does she change into a bear?”, asked mom curiously.

“The princess thinks her mom doesn’t listen to her and understand her standpoint, so she asks a witch to conjures up a spell and gives her a dessert. But that dessert accidentally changes the queen to a bear”, replied Indu.

“That is funny. Looks like the queen fared real bad for her daughter to wish something so disastrous”, said Dad smilingly, “Mom, you better watch out, if you don’t listen to the kids, you might also change to  a bear”, he added.

Neel was having his food silently all along.

“Hmmm”, said Mom thoughtfully.

“No dad, that was accidental”, exclaimed Indu uncomfortably.

“Mommy”, Neel interrupted, “When are we going to the zoo?”

“Did you not like Brave Neel? Do you want to say something about the movie?”, asked Dad.

“Umm, no”, said Neel, “What about the Zoo?”.

“Neel, we haven’t planned anything yet”, said Mom.

“When do you want to go Neel?”, asked Dad.

“Sunday”, he answered.

“Yay, that would be fun”, said Indu, “ I love the Giraffes there”.

“Daddy”, Neel said, “Which Tesla model do you like?”

“Neel, are we not going to talk about the zoo?”, Dad asked.

Neel dropped the spoon on the plate, “Yes, I am done. Now I want to talk about Tesla”.

“But you haven’t yet told us what you want to see in the zoo Neel”, Mom said politely .A social story

“Aaaaaahh, will you guys please stop? I am done with the zoo. Can we talk about Tesla?”, he said curtly.

“You always cut the talk”, Indu complained.

“No, you cut it”, Neel scowled.

“You!”, Indu shot back.

“Can you both be silent for a minute?”, Dad said firmly.

A social story - 3, 1specialplace

A social story - 4, 1specialplace

“Neel, when we are having a conversation, we need to complete it before we go to the next topic”, said Dad.

“But why?”, questioned Neel. A social story,

“Because that is what is called joining in”, answered mom,” We four can talk four different topics at the same time. That is just talking. That is not conversing”.

“We all discuss on the same topic, when it is over, we move on to the next”, Dad said.

“What do you mean”?  Neel asked.

“We were talking about the Zoo. Let us discuss about what we plan to see there”, Mom answered.

“I want to see the wild cats and feed the goats”, said Neel.

“Wild cats are cool”, chipped in Indu.

“Yeah, I love the lions, they are so majestic”, Dad said.

“And me the tigers, they are mysterious”, Mom added.

“I like the cheetahs too, they are so fast”, said Neel.

“See, great joining in Neel”, Dad complimented.

“Yeah”, said Neel.

“The elephants are fun too”, added Indu very excitedly.

“Yeah, their poop is so big”, said Neel with a big smile on his face, “remember last time, we saw the elephant pooping”.

“Yikes”, said Indu making a face, “Don’t make me remember that one!”.

They all laughed heartily.

“Now Neel, tell me, what is it you wanted to ask about Tesla?”, Dad asked.

“I was looking up the four Tesla models and their range”, said Neel, “Which model do you like?”.

“I am impressed with Model S”, Dad said, “a pretty long range and good acceleration”.

“Yes, it also looks pretty cool right?”, Neel said.

“Yup, tell you what, let’s look up on Model S as soon as we finish dinner”, Dad offered.

“Mom, can we change the topic. Tesla talk is boring”, Indu interjected.

“Come on Indu! Be a sport!”, said Dad.

“But what about Brave?”, complained Indu.

“Oh yes, Neel, we need to finish the conversation on Brave”, Mom reminded Neel.

“I love the three little kids. They are very naughty”, said Neel.

“Great joining in Neel”, Mom said cheerfully.

“They create trouble all the time”, Indu scorned.

“Oh, I am sure they are funny”, mom said, “But my heart goes out for the queen, she had to go through a lot”.

“Ha, see that is why you have to listen to us”, Indu said, “Otherwise we will conjure up a magic spell and turn you into a bear”.

“Not fair”, Mom scowled.

“Let’s turn her into a bear”, Neel giggled.


A social story - 5, 1specialplace

They all laughed one more time and finished their dinner.

“Come Neel, time for Tesla research”, Dad said.

“Yay”, said Neel jumping in joy and joined Dad in front of the computer.

A social story, 


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