The Gadget Fit

The Gadget Fit

The Gadget Fit

“Hurray, School is over. Now time to play”, yelled Neel happily.

“Yes, you did a lot of work”, said mamma. The Gadget Fit Story

Neel had just finished a long day at school online. Further, his zoom classes started in the morning and went on till late afternoon.

Relieved, Neel ran to his room. There were a lot of cars stacked neatly next to each other on the table. Neel loved to play with cars. The toy cupboard had a lot of soft toys, squishy toys, and building blocks. The corner bin had dozens of guns. Neel and his sister Indu loved chasing each other with water guns. Furthermore, they would make the whole house wet and would earn a good scolding from their mom.

The Gadget Fit Story

Neel glanced at the iPad lying on the corner of the table. Thereafter, he hurried towards the iPad and picked it up. He settled on his bed and started playing with it.

After a little while, mom came to the room to give him some snacks.

Furthermore, she saw Neel engrossed with the iPad.

“Neel, you already had enough screen time for the day. Why don’t you play something else?”, she said.

“Mom, YOU ALWAYS STOP ME”, yelled Neel.

“Neel, too much gadget time is not good for the eyes”, said Mom.

“I WANT TO PLAY WITH THE IPAD”, Neel screamed. Moreover, Mom could figure why he was upset. Additionally, the school work online had been too overwhelming for him. Now was his time to relax and unwind. As a matter of fact, he waited for his gadget time patiently since morning. But mom was worried that his eyes will get affected if he indulged in too much screen time.

“Neel, why don’t you play gadgets for fifteen minutes more, and then we can talk”, mom suggested.

Neel calmed down a little bit. “All right mom”, he said and resumed his play.

After a while, mom knocked at his door again. “Ready”? she asked.

“NO”, Neel was in a foul mood again, “Even you and Dad use your phone and computer all the time”.

Therefore, Mom tried reasoning out with him, “Using gadgets is not always bad. We all use computers for our work and make our phone calls. Also, we also spend a lot of time watching our favorite videos”.

She continued, “We get to know about a lot of news across the world through gadgets. Hence there are certain disadvantages as well”.

“First, our eyes and brain will get affected if we use a lot of gadgets. Second, we get restless and get easily distracted. Hence we have to use it wisely”, she added.

“But I want to play with iPad. I am bored”, Neel wailed.

“Let us play any other game you like”, mom suggested.

Then, Neel thought for a while. Mom wasn’t sure if he will take the bait.  Furthermore, it worked a few of the days and the other days, the struggle continued.

“I want to play water guns”, Neel said.

“All right, let’s play the water guns than”, mom replied.

“But you always scold me and Indu that we make the floor messy”, Neel complained.

“No, I will not. But make sure you play only on the balcony”, Mom said.

“Okay”, said Neel, “Mom, will you also play with me?”, he added sheepishly.

“Of course, why not? Bring it on buddy”, said Mom hugging Neel.

“YAY”, said Neel jumping in excitement.


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