Best Apps for Speech Sound Practice

Best Apps for Speech Sound Practice

Firstly, we all love our devices, so do our kids. In this blog we will be talking about, best apps for speech sound practice. Further, these apps are very user-friendly, interactive, and loaded with speech sound practice drills. In other words, the best part is it is affordable and available on your phones and tablets. Therefore, let’s use our devices to teach our kids correct speech sound production. Here are some of my favorite apps.

Articulation Station

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Articulation Station is one of the best apps. Further, it is used by Speech Therapists and parents all over the world. This app is designed by Little Bee Speech and it can be used for toddlers, children, and adults. Additionally, this app covers all sounds in the English language and has several interactive games to teach correct speech sound production. Furthermore, it has materials to practice sounds at syllable, word, and sentence levels. The activities included are matching, speech sound drills, sentences paired with target words and stories.


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This is my go-to app for children with speech sound disorders. This app allows your child to practice several speech sounds in a flashcard and matching pictures activity. It has all speech sounds on word and sentence levels. The best feature is the voice record, allowing you to playback your child’s speech to them. This helps the child to gain feedback on his/her own productions.

Articulate It

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This app is very useful and interactive. It covers all speech sounds with high-definition pictures and several fun games. Kids can practice at three levels, words, phrases, and sentences. It includes several homework sheets. You can also add your own pictures for your child.

Listen Close Articulation

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It is an amazing app that helps its users to learn speech sounds. Further, designed for children from ages 6 and up. This app has over 600 sound-specific articulation cards for most speech sounds. Furthermore, it challenges its users to repeat several drills of syllables and words to master the given speech sounds. It is widely used by most Speech Therapists in their sessions.

Articulation Scenes

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The articulation scenes app is a fun software that allows children to practice speech sounds. It has several picture scenes that target specific speech sounds. It provides a chance for children to practice several times the same speech sound. The pictures have fun scenes including movies, parks, and much more. It has 72 built-in scenes and over 1200 practice words. It includes all consonants in the English language.


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