Awesome Apps for Reading and Writing

Reading and writing skill development is very crucial for every child. Additionally, it is the foundation for good academic performance. We are all tech-savvy in today’s world and so are our kids. Moreover, there are many applications on our device that can be used for skill training. Hence, here are some awesome apps for reading and writing for children.

Awesome Apps for Reading and Writing

Word Magic

Word magic app is an excellent application available on the iStore and Google Play store. It helps your child to start reading words, learn spellings and letters in an interactive picture-based way. Furthermore, this app enhances your child’s vocabulary and improves their language skill. Additionally, Word Magic levels ranging from simple to more difficult tasks. Try it out today!

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HOMER Learn and Grow

HOMER Learn and Grow was developed by Harvard and Stanford researchers. Moreover, it has been nominated several times for awards. Further, the app has proven to improve your child’s reading skills. HOMER Learn and Grow has several interactive learning activities, games, social-emotional learning, thinking skills, and stories. This app promotes positive learning and reading skill in your child.

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This application encourages your child to learn to handwrite while playing a fun game. Furthermore, your child can draw on the screen by joining the dots to form letters and words to discover a fun image at the end. It keeps your child motivated to learn more.

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Writing Wizard

Writing wizard is an award-winning app. Firstly, it helps your kids to learn to write letters, numbers, and words through a fun game. Secondly, this allows children to develop fine motor skills, tracing, and writing. Finally, Writing Wizard includes good motivators such as rewards in the form of stars, stickers, and sounds.

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LetterSchool is a very popular application for writing. This app helps kids to write and learn letters and numbers. It has engaging animations and sound effects to keep your kids encouraged. This application covers both upper- and lower-case letters and numbers.

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