Fidget Toys for Children

Fidget Toys for Children

Fidget Toys for Children

Fidget Toys for Children are a must-have for every parent and therapist. Further, they help in sensory regulation, calming down, and are proven to improve attention and concentration. In other words, fidget Toys are a great way to keep your little one engaged and focus on activities. Therefore, here are some of my favorite fidget toys.

Chewy Fidgets:

Is your child finding it difficult to chew and is feeling a sensory overload? Chewy fidgets are here for your rescue. Further, they help your child improve oral sensory awareness, promote a good sensory diet and oral sensory regulation, and decrease oral hypersensitivity. In other words, all you have to do is buy some of the chewy fidgets mentioned below. Similarly, allow your child to play with the oral chewy fidget tool for a few minutes in the day. You can also give these tools before meals.

Calming Fidgets

Calming Fidgets:

Firstly, calming fidgets are a great tool to calm your little one down and allow him time to process. Secondly, they help to improve focus, attention, concentration and it relieves stress. This is a great tool for Autistic children, children with attention deficits, and behavioral deficits. In other words, calming fidgets can be given to your child during meltdowns, stressful conditions, and when children experience sensory overload. Here are some of my top calming fidgets.

Calming Fidgets

Noisy Fidgets:

Noisy fidgets give very good auditory feedback for children. Moreover, children who constantly need auditory/ noise stimulation will love the noisy fidgets. Furthermore, these will help regulate their sensory systems and keep them calm and focused.

Noisy Fidgets

Sensory Fidgets:

Sensory fidgets are my go-to toys for all children. Further, every child needs sensory stimulation. In other words, these sensory fidgets are a great way to keep your toddler attentive, focused, and stimulate his sensory system.

Sensory Fidgets

Here is a link to my sensory fidget activity

General Fidget Toys:

Fidget toys listed here can help improve overall awareness, motor strength, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills. These general fidget toys can be given to children to help them sit in a place, establish joint attention, stay calm and relaxed. Here are some general fidget toys you can buy.

General Fidget Toys


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