Tips to Promote Writing in Children with Dyslexia

Tips to Promote Writing in Children with Dyslexia

Dyslexia or Learning Disability is a learning disorder that develops in children. In other words, it causes difficulty in reading, writing, and following instructions in class and at home. Further, kids with dyslexia are as normal as any other child. But, they require more time to perform academic tasks. In this blog, we will share some tips to promote writing in children with Dyslexia.

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Tips to Promote Writing in Children with Dyslexia

Reward your little one for every response to keep them motivated!

 1. Develop Fine Motor Skills:

Fine motor skills are very crucial to good writing. Furthermore, every day do a minimum of two or three fine motor games for your child. Therefore, some fine motor play include:

  • Coloring activity with colors
  • Finger painting
  • Vegetable or soap carving
  • Putting beads in a string
  • Pulses transferring from one bowl to another

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2. Teach through visualization:

Children with dyslexia are very good at visualizing anything they read or write. In other words, they create an image as a memory in their mind. Further, use this skill to strengthen their ability to organize their writing.

Firstly, read a book to your child. Secondly, ask your child what he or she visualized. Thirdly, help your child to place the visual images in order and talk about what they heard. Finally, assist them to put the visual memories incorrect order while they write.

3. Make a keyword chart:

Most children with dyslexia struggle with finding the right words while they write. Hence, try this activity to support your child to do homework.

  • Firstly, take an empty paper and write down the most often used keywords on the paper.
  • Secondly, highlight the article such as “a” “and “the” separately.
  • Thirdly, stick this chart on your child’s desk.
  • Finally, encourage your child to see the chart to recollect his/her words while they write.

4. Practice writing skills:

Firstly, clarity in writing is a very common issue that parents struggle with. Try some of these tips to improve the clarity of writing:

  • Help your child practice writing with a handwriting book
  • Use large font size while you practice
  • Make sure to use ruled books to practice writing
  • Practice alphabets, words and sentences

 5. Play Spelling- Writing Bee:

Playing spelling bee is my go-to game to teach the little ones to practice writing sight words and difficult spellings. Further, keep a points board to make the game interactive.

  • Give a list of 5 easy words to your child.
  • Encourage your child to memorize the words given.
  • Now, take the list away.
  • Say a word from the list and allow time for your child to respond.
  • Encourage your child to say or write the spelling down.
  • Give 1 point for each correct answer.



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