“I Spy” Speech Activities for Kids

“I Spy” Speech Activities for Kids

Are you running out of speech and language activities for your kids at home? Today, we bring to you this fun “I Spy” Speech Activities for Kids. “I Spy” Games can be played anywhere and in many ways. It is a fun way to teach many speech and language concepts. So, let’s get started!

Activity 1: Building Vocabulary

The “I Spy” car game is a fun activity for vocabulary building and thinking skills. You can play when you’re traveling or in a car or sitting in a park. Start this game by saying “I spy something that is blue…” Can you guess? Give more clues such as “I spy something that is blue and round…”. You can also give clues to expand language such as talk about color, shape, texture, and use of the object that you’re referring to. Take turns with your child and play this game.

Activity 2: Teaching Speech Sounds

This “I spy” game can be played to teach specific speech sounds for your child. If there are certain sounds that are difficult such as /r/, /b/, or /sh/, you can play this game. Kids get bored of games very easily. Teaching speech sounds in an interactive way is a big challenge. For the “I Spy” speech sound game, you may need an “I Spy” sheet with pictures of the specific sound that your want to teach. Then, take turns and say “I Spy something that is yellow and is sailing.”, “It’s a ship”. /SH/ is the target word in the example. get your child to say the sound and word right!

You can download free “I Spy” Speech Sound sheet from here: https://www.funearlylearning.com/product/i-spy-beginning-sounds/

Activity 3: Working on Reading Comprehension

Is it getting very boring for your child to read books? Try this interactive game! Make a list of questions on a paper such as, “I Spy- what is green and is soft”, Give a bag to your child, ask him/her to go around the house, read and collect the objects that match the questions.

You can download free “I Spy” sheet from here: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/300193131418655481/

Activity 4: Following Directions

“I Spy” following directions is a fun game to teach your child to follow directions and prepositions at home. Teach One-step and two-step commands in a fun way. To start this game, place some objects, fruits, or toys on the floor. Now, sit along with your child and start by saying, “I spy something next to the car”, “Point next to the car”. Help your child to finger point. You can also teach prepositions, say “Point to something below the book”, “Between the apple and pear”. You can expand on this game by taking turns to play.

Activity 5: Expanding Speech

Does your child talk in only one- or two-word combinations? Additionally, the “I Spy” game is here to help expand your child’s speech. Start by saying “I Spy something with my little eye, that is pink”. Further, keep expanding your utterances and encourage your child to repeat after you.

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