“Wh” of Speech and Swallowing

“Wh” of Speech and Swallowing in Multiple Sclerosis

“Wh” of Speech and Swallowing in Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a central nervous system disease. In other words, it is an immune system disease. It affects the brain and the spinal cord. Further, the cause of MS is not known. Eventually, MS leads to a slow decline of nerve function. It also causes permanent damage. Hence, persons with MS are treated for the symptoms they feel. Further, this is to provide the best quality of life for them. In this blog, we will give answers for all your “Wh” of Speech and Swallowing in Multiple Sclerosis.

Why Speech and Language Therapy in MS?

Firstly, a Speech-Language Therapist is involved in the treatment process. This is as the disease progresses. Moreover, communication and swallowing issues are present at any stage in MS. In other words, this is due to the damage of the nerves supplying to the muscles. Muscles of speech and swallowing. Further, slurring of speech and issues in swallowing are the major issues seen.

What is Speech Therapy for MS?

A Speech Therapist will help to better the strength, coordination, and endurance. This is for the oral and swallowing muscles. Firstly, Speech therapy sessions can help to relieve certain speech and swallowing symptoms. Secondly, Speech Therapy for MS is tailor-made to suit every person. However, not all persons with MS have same problems. Therefore, consulting a Speech-Language Therapist early will ensure the best results.

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What are the Symptoms?

As the disease progresses speech and swallowing symptoms begin to appear. Additionally, it may include one or more of the below:

  • Slurring of words/ speech
  • Low and variable voice output
  • Harsh and strained voice
  • Monotonous speech
  • Word finding difficulties
  • Slow and labored speech/ Scanning speech
  • Nasal speech
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Coughing or Choking
  • Chewing/ Biting and Blowing difficulty

Symptoms of dysphagia

“A Speech-Language Therapist is a go-to person for the right guidance. In other words, if you’re facing any of the above said symptoms”

Assessment of Speech and Swallow in MS:

On your first session, the Speech-Language Therapist will do detailed testing. Further, the testing of your speech, breathing, and swallowing system will be done. Additionally, Subjective and Instrumental tests will be done. In other words, this is to test muscle strength, coordination, and endurance. Therefore, based on the test results, a therapeutic plan will be made to suit your needs.

Treatment of Speech and Swallow in MS:

In conclusion, the overall goal of treatment for speech and swallowing will center around the below-mentioned points:

Speech and Language Therapy Goals:
  • Improving oral muscle strength and endurance
  • Working on breath support
  • Breath and voice coordination
  • Better voice output
  • Speech techniques to work on slurring
  • Improving the clarity of speech and the tone
  • Correctly pronouncing speech sounds
Swallowing Therapy Goals:
  • Diet plan for safe swallow
  • Safe eating techniques
  • Swallow muscle strength
  • Preventing choking and coughing

Tips for Speech and Swallowing at home:

  • Firstly, Self-monitor your speech
  • Secondly, Stress on each syllable as you speak
  • Thirdly, Write to communicate if you feel tired
  • Oral hygiene – brush your teeth daily
  • Maintain upright posture while eating
  • Drink liquids slowly
  • Chew your food and take small bites
  • Swallow small bites multiple times
  • Maintain your nutrition and balanced diet
  • Spread meals throughout the day

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