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Toys to Teach: Cause and Effect

Toys to Teach: Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect toys are every Speech Therapist’s favorite item to use. The opportunities to build speech with cause-and-effect toys are endless!  Very early on a child begins to realize his/her actions have an effect on the environment. For example, a baby shakes the rattle and it makes a noise. Similarly, over a period of time, the child realizes saying words can get him/her something. For instance, baby says “Mommy”, the mother starts to pay attention to her child. A child’s desire to speak comes when they know that their actions or words can cause a change.

You will find several toy shops have a separate category for “Toys to Teach- Cause and Effect”. You can buy one or more of these toys and get started!

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Make sure to say and model as many words to your child while you play. Encourage your little one to repeat the words. Once they get an idea, wait for your child to initiate a speech before giving the toy.

Toys to Teach- Cause and Effect: Bubbles

Bubbles are available everywhere and they are loved by all. You can use bubbles to teach a number of concepts to stimulate cause and effect. Take the bubble bottle and encourage your child to say words such as, “Mommy give”, “Blow”, “Bubbles”, “Pop”, “Bubbles goes up”, “Bubble goes down”, “Want more”, “Try again” and so on. You can teach opposites such as up, down, big, small, and core vocabulary such as “I want”, “More”, and “Give”.

Bubble toys

Toys to Teach- Cause and Effect: Wind Up Toys

Wind Up Toys are great! These toys do various actions when wound up and are very effective to teach cause and effect. You can stimulate your child’s language by introducing vocabulary such as “Go”, “Run”, “Dance”, “Sing”, “Jump” and “Walk”. You can teach your child concepts such as action words, opposites and introduce new words by talking about colors, shapes, and actions.

Animals toys

Toys to Teach- Cause and Effect: Ball Popper

Ball Poppers are amazing! They are available in many shapes and sizes. They can be used to teach words, directions, and opposites. Encourage your child to squeeze the popper to release the balls. Simultaneously, continue to model speech and language. You can say “Squeeze”, “Cow goes Pop”, “Ball up”, “Down”, “Eyes”, “Nose”, “Mouth” and “Pop More”. The opportunities are endless!

Ball Popper

Toys to Teach- Cause and Effect: Jack-in-the-Box

Our favorite toy as a child! Encourage your child to guess what is in the box and say “What do you think is in there?”. Let’s say “Pop”. You can also use words such as “Open, Close, Push, Roll, Surprise, Hello, and Goodbye”.


Toys to Teach- Cause and Effect: Poppin Pals

Poppin Pals is the most engaging toy for any toddler. You can teach words such as “Push, Pop, Animals, Up and Down”. Encourage your child to repeat the words and name the animals that pop as you press the buttons.

Poppin Pals


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