Spectrum of Hope – Pranav Naidu

Spectrum of Hope – Pranav Naidu

Pranav Naidu, “Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don’t fit into boxes.”

~ Tori Amos

 In this parent interview series, we bring to you this wonderful journey filled with hope, positivity and self-determination. This is a story of a young talented child Pranav Naidu diagnosed with Autism and his vibrant mother Dr. Dhathri Kiran Bollu.  

Q. Please introduce yourself and your son to our readers.

My name is Dr. Dhathri Kiran Bollu and my son’s name is Pranav Naidu and my son is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Sensory Processing Disorder and Speech and Language Delay.



Q. What were some of the signs that prompted you to get your child assessed?

Pranav had a global developmental delay since he was a baby and he was not able to do many things what other children of his age group used to do. I always had a gut feeling that something is not right with him.

Q. When did you first get the diagnosis and what were your immediate thoughts?

Pranav had his official diagnosis when he was four years old. I got to know about his condition when he had just turned two years old and my world turned upside down. I was very much concerned and worried about his future. Finally, after many visits to the community Paediatrician and after several assessments we got a diagnosis for Pranav.

Q. Share with us your journey through his diagnosis and intervention.

It was not an easy journey for us to get his diagnosis especially in a country where we do not want to label a child with something that young.

Q. Some tips that helped you communicate better with your child.

Luckily with Pranav, I always had my own way to communicate and I was able to understand his needs but the real struggle came in my absence. Then came Ms. Kavita our Speech Language Therapist and Ms. Rabab our Occupational Therapist at 1SpecialPlace who guided us to find correct ways to interact with Pranav.

Q. What is your favourite part about being his mother?

Pranav has come a long way through this journey and I can’t be any prouder than what I am. What he is today brings me tears of happiness and I am sure there is still a long way to go. Pranav is a happy, loving and cuddly child. For him mommy is the world and of course then comes daddy. He hums beautiful rhymes and his cheeky, adorable personality always shines through.


Q. What are the challenging aspects of being a parent to your child?

Everyone loves Pranav at his school and all the feedback they give me makes me feel the best.

Having said that, it was not an easy journey. There were loads of tears, sleepless nights, lost hopes and isolation from other parents. Pranav was aggressive, never used to understand our intentions and used to get upset. He used to hit and pinch others but our persistence changed his behaviour.

Q. What would you wish to tell other parents?

I am sure not only special needs child parent but any parent will never give up on their child.

My sincere advice is to keep trying. I am not saying it is an easy journey but you will get there in the end and trust in God and trust in yourselves and never ever feel depressed about how others judge you and how others treat you. End of the day it will be fruitful.

Please spread and share this lovely journey to empower all the parents out there!

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